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Nov. 28 Loads of Holgate Wilderness area videos -- all raw and noisy but informative -- taken


Wednesday, November 28, 2012: I took the long walk to the Holgate rip this a.m. and it was an eye-opener – but not in the way you might think.

Work at entrance: http://youtu.be/OSh8LBVoPzY

You can see in the videos that there were some crossover points where ocean met bay, almost exclusively near the Osprey Nest zone. That’s the erosion area we’ve long figured would see bay meet sea. Sure enough. And the future for that skinny point is very uncertain. It desperately needs sand.





That said, I have to quickly add how amazingly well a huge chunk of Holgate handled Sandy, so much so that the far “Rip” portion of Holgate – from maybe 7,500 feet south – has actually grown. I kid you not.


I wish the videos could show it the way I saw it today: wide and white.



Via rumors,  I was expecting to see new inlets all over the place and shoals where we used to fish near the Rip. Instead the final stretch of Holgate is as wide as I’ve seen in many years. And more sand is arriving, via littoral drift.

I’ll back up enough to say there was surely overwash across all of Holgate at the height of the storm BUT the impacts south of the Osprey Nest were negligible after the floodwaters receded. Damaged, yes. Compromised, no.

I’ll reiterate here what I note on the videos:  I can clearly see how Tucker’s Island likely formed hundreds/thousands of years back. The furthest south end of LBI is where southbound sand stops. It accrues there, essentially forming a fat chunk of island. Then, cuts across the island occur to the north, as is happening now.  An inlet eventually forms, separating the big piece of “Rip” end real estate from the Island. The far-south end of LBI is instantly an island unto itself.  

Please bear with the videos which are as raw as it gets. I just want folks to get a look. By the time I’m done trekking around to get the video, import them on to my computer and transfer to YouTube, I don’t have the time or energy to spruce them all up with splicing (stitching) and music. Some day when I’m old and gray – make that, older and greyer – maybe I’ll make the footage prettier. For now, let’s keep it raw – and noisy with all that wind crap. 


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