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Monday, September 14, 2015: While it may not last long, fall was in the air

"Uh, now what?" 

Monday, September 14, 2015: While it may not last long, fall was in the air this a.m. Even the ocean has assumed the look. West winds have blown it smooth and clean.

I even saw a goodly crew of pluggers working the non-suds this a.m. It’s not like they were knocking them dead. One guy had his cellphone pinned to his ear, using his shoulder. And folks wonder how cells end up in the drink. Despite the coolness, the sun penetration factor is through the roof, pushing a 10. If you’re out there, lather up.

I have had an oddly slim flow of fish reports from the weekend, surely the result of the rain and lightning fear … not to mention the football factor … always the highest when the season begins and fans have high hopes … dashed a bit for us Steelers fans.

There is a mere spattering of kingfish in the surf but that will change with this calm ocean. Just believe me that you’ll get more kingfish by using a slow retrieve, not a pinned to the bottom rig. Always note the distance from shore where you nab a kingie. You’ll see how a zone stays hot, based on the way they school together – or gather to pick clean a better dining area. Also, these are panfish so at least try cooking them in the round. You’ll get so much more delicious meat than filleting.

Even though big stripers seem absent from the LBI surf – except maybe at night – it’s well worth tossing a fresh kingfish head out on a large circle-hook rig and heavier gear. I’ve seen big bass go for those bloody heads. Down south they use them for big drum. Also, I’ll bet anything big sharks will go for a couple kingfish heads presented after dark.

Below you’ll see another gag grouper has been caught. I’ve heard of maybe a dozen on hook-and-line and way more in seine nets. It further proves this odd influx of down-south species. Weirder yet are the small exotics/tropical being taken in seine nets. There was one from west Barnegat Bay I can’t even begin to ID. Some folks think it might even be a small mahi … which look very unlike adults.

Fluke season runs through Sept. 26. After that it’s anybody’s guess what the state/feds will do for 2015. I’ve been passing on all the info I get but even after mulling over things I’m not sure what’s  going on … or what last-minute negotiating might accomplish. There will be deductions. How much and how soon is the season-crippling question. 


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Here's how to make a straw into a grass shrimp teaser. 



Below: I'm not sure if this is true but if I still firmly believe any stock declines have to do with fishing to our south ... not from fishing NJ and northward. 


Terry Nugent


Scot Paton

Steve George

NJ gag grouper/velvet rockfish  ... one of over a dozen I've heard about ... all small, though one was 16 inches. The world record is 80 pounds, though even twenty-pounders are becoming rare. They are heavily harvested from NC down to Florida and over in the Gulf.  


Nice one for the FDNY boys today


John McMurray
This is an important one for me and for, uhm, anyone who benefits from sandeels, bay anchovies or any bait "hatch". I mean, we'd really be screwed if we lost those concentrations of bait that make up the fall run. I do hope anglers show up to the hearings. Especially the Brooklyn one next Monday (Sept 21)

I am absolutely hammering yellowfin right now, and well inshore of the canyons (no, I'm not gonna tell you where, LOL). I'm not trolling, or chunking, or doing

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 Below is a scene I dub: Hopin' it's not happenin' ... Risking a Van Staal reel during rough paddle out/in? 

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