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Monday, September 12, 2016: Oh, what a difference a wind makes. ...

Monday, September 12, 2016: Oh, what a difference a wind makes. The NE winds drove the flies back to hades. It also ushered in some very clean non-HHH weather and even cleaned the ocean up a goodly amount. Of course, it’ll be compassing back to SE. But, for now, it’s a walk in the beach out there. Mighty fine.

I had a couple more anglers talk about that remarkable blowfish bite in the bay, including down in Egg Harbor, to our south. I did forget to mention that it takes some chum to draw in the puffers. The chum doesn’t have to be elaborate, like using exotic grass shrimp. Simple clam, busted mussels or tiny squid bits do the job. Squid, worms or fakeos work as hook vittles.

A bunch of surfcasting folks are asking if the kingfish are still in the LBI swash. With the ocean cleaning up today, I might have an answer soon. If we can get some lower tides this week, I’ll dig up some local bloodworms and give the kingies a try. As I often note, kingfish freeze up exceptionally well … not that I have to worry about catching enough to ponder storage. 

Holgate note: There is no getting to the Rip at high tide. Mid-tide dropping to mid-tide rising is makeable, though there are some nasty protruding branches to keep an eye on when taking the higher route. Should you slide into one of the larger, dead-but-not-gone branches, you'll have an extended dent down the side of your buggy. 

Below: In the deep grass ... with storm skies to the north. Holgate back-cut.

Artistic mural ... by a hermit crab. 


Below:  Greg Kopenhaver

Yesterday's catch for dinner tonight. Fried blowfish, lump crab cakes, crab claws and Jersey corn. Life is still good today!


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Andrew Warshawer 
Bob Pop Hollow Semper Fleyes made using Gamakatzu SLS 6/0 for GTS ,


Just received my American Eagle Flag Plug from Tracie Lynn Scherer from TraSea lures and I'm speechless pics do this Plug No Justice at all .. the detail in the carving of this plug is insane. I can't thank you enough I have some incredible custom plugs from some Amazing Builders and this is Amazing ...America God Bless

MargaretDick Crosta
Caught 4 lb flounder 


Rich Bindell 
Fri and sat me,ed ,chris,brian and joe took the nosetackle out for a run to the tuna grounds and went right to the area we saw on the charts that had some nice water. We got up on the troll and found an area that had life and bingo we got one nice yellow and a wahoo we also landed a white. . We stopped and started chunking and we chunked 2 white marlin and one hatchet marlin. We also started bailing mahi's like crazy. Over nite we lost two yellows due to broken leaders. Got back up on the troll and got another white but it got wrapped up and died so we brought it home. The other canyon seemed to be dead from the radio reports so I guess we were in the right spot.


Stanley Gola 
Here it is, the newest addition to our SurfMaster Series, the ultimate peanut bunker imitation! This Tin Lure weights 1.25 oz and will be available in 5 colors! Here's our first two colors!
Stanley Gola's photo.
Stanley Gola's photo.
A very special fish from our canyon trip this weekend. A truly MONSTER Mahi ...

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