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Monday, October 19, 2015: The ocean is in its Lake Atlantic mode ...

A typical response when folks suggest we abandon living at the Jersey Shore. 


Monday, October 19, 2015: The ocean is in its Lake Atlantic mode. It is flat at sheet metal out there; even the west winds are down a bit, though not for long. 

We are in a prototypical offshore wind pattern, though we could get a few bursts of southerly winds mixed in. 

Overall, boat fishing is a watch-the-flags game. I see many smaller craft heading out the inlets due to the small seas. However, you don’t have to motor very far from land before the west slop kicks in big time. Tomorrow will go from fishable winds early to honk-ass winds by late. 

Boat bassing has had some bright spots, likely brought on by the balling up of bunker. Still, it’s not like the waters are lighting up with serious stripers … yet.   

Below" Bunkies at play via Sergio Diaz.

Speaking of those bunker balls, they’ll be smelling like cooking pizzas to big blues and bass. Bring on the action. 

I’m hoping and wondering if the replenishment areas might have deep water in close enough that the bait balls will get pushed to within casting distance from the beach.

Yes, this blog is a bit prejudice toward surfcasters, though getting big fish in close surely doesn’t exclude boat anglers, with the seas as small as they are. 

Whales have been the big news, at least visually speaking. Facebook has exploded with whale noses and a few flukes/tails. The problem is always trying to get a photo/video during the quick topside showing of these marine mammals. They’re feeding on bunker, as photos clearly indicate – with bunkies flying through the air to avoid the black-pit mouth trying to suck them down. It’s got be nightmare for swallowed forage fish since a whale’s stomach allows tons of water in, allowing the fish to swim around in the dark -- until the acids take over. 

There have also been a lot of dolphin in the local marine mammal mix. Dolphin can ruin fishing, far more than whales.   

Water coming out of the bay has dropped into the 50, though the ocean is hanging in the low-60s.

The upcoming near-record high air temps will rewarm the bay, possibly drawing action into the inlets. 

For birders – and many anglers are also hit-or-miss birdwatchers – the raptor count has taken off. Hawks, falcons, ospreys and eagles are flying the friendly skies over LBI. Here’s a merlin falcon just outside my Ship Bottom doorway:


DEER DANGERS: On the mainland, be on the all-day-all-night lookout for road-crossing deer. The rut and hunting season have them fully unpredictable.

Route 9, from Lacey all the way down to Galloway, is now totally lined with jittery white tails; many of them knowing there is some degree of protection from hunters in developed zones (near woods) -- which is most of Rte. 9.

For newbies to the area: It’s not the first deer bounding across the road that’s the problem, it’s the ones that follow.

It’s still amazing how many drivers just keep up their speed even after seeing a deer cross up ahead, assuming the deer-strike danger has passed. Almost always, that first deer is a bounding signal to slow down and get ready to panic brake for what is almost surely coming next, i.e. other deer, right as you reach where the first one crossed. 

It’s time and money lost to fix deer-strike repairs. The thing is the damage is usually in the “deductible” zone … meaning it comes straight out of pocket – as does the money lost when wasting time waiting for repairs.

Ninety percent of deer-strikes can be avoided by being on high fall time deer alert -- and at the ready to brake. As for that horse’s ass tailgating you, let him/her pass, then somewhat morbidly enjoy the damage suffered when he/she nails a 100-pound deer.  


I’ve often been asked if it’s legal to keep a roadkill deer.

Below: "Hey, let me see your consumption permit!" 

Being a vegetarian … ok, let me start differently. If you’re gung-ho on eating pre-softened venison – and don’t want to get charged with “roadkill poaching” and a potential $1,000 fine – you must get what amounts to a consumption seal from the state.

I recently read, “You need a permit from the local PD, state police, or Fish & wildlife for consumption of the meat. Any antlered deer on a roadkill permit you must give the state the antlers or dispose of them.”

If I were you, I’d stick with simply contacting Fish and Wildlife about that permit, though I have this odd image of someone dragging a mangy, bleeding roadkill deer up to the front desk of a local police department … and ringing the little service bell. “I need me a permit so as I can eat this bugger.”

Oh, also you have to eat it in a given time period. Weird.

About random deer, they’re a bone of contention – a bone I’ve been poked by on occasion.

In NJ, you can now keep antler “sheds,” which fall off after the rut. Sheds might be found just about anywhere in the woods, fields or along highways. However, you cannot, under any circumstances, keep the head dresses (racks, antlers) of a roadkill deer even if you’ve been permitted to keep it as food.

As to your keeping antlers as a hunter, that works if you have the proper hunting or taxidermy licenses. However, you as an unlicensed soul can’t have any deer parts, including non-shed alters, in your possession.

Got all that? Buncha crap is all it is.

More sensible: No deer parts can be sold in NJ. That discourages the taking of certain desirable animal parts for commerce. 

Below: New Jersey Butcher Busted for Selling Venison Illegally




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This new fishing event has a $2,000 1st Prize, $1,000 2nd Prize and $500 3rd prize. 

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Dan Albert

Not much has changed since last week as the ocean is holding onto 63-64 degrees.  Still some bass the be had on live bait when the tide is right around but not the showings of a solid migration into our area.  More snappers, small blues, whatever you what to call them, then I have seen in a very long time.  All along the beach, 8” to not even a pound bluefish seem to be everywhere.  Hopefully tonight’s freeze will mix things up and send the bass our way. Saturday morning’s trip with Dan Seagull of Waretown  had the Debbie M running and gunning off IBSP to connect with the false albacore that seemed to show up overnight. There were small schools all over the place blasting through rainfish (aka bay anchovy). Many times we had them boiling right next to the boat.  When I get a chance I will upload some of the video I took.  As usual when the albies are feeding on tiny rainfish they were tough to connect with.  We did bring several to the boat for a quick release.  We scored best using plain AVA007s casted into or in front of the schools. It has been several years since we have had a good showing a false albacore along the beach.  I hope they stay awhile because they are the hardest fighting that we have along the Jersey Shore. On light tackle they are a world class fish and if you have never experience the screaming runs of a fat albert you don’t know what you are missing.  Attached is a picture of one of Dan’s fish. If you want to give them a try give me a call.

Screaming drags, 

Capt. Alex www.LighthouseSportfishing.com

Barnegat Bay, NJ  609-548-2511


I warmed up with some big bass this morning.

Elias Vaisberg's photo.
Elias Vaisberg's photo.
Elias Vaisberg's photo.

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