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Monday, November 27, 2017: Dang it was nice out there, though I only got a quick workday breakaway ...

So a drunk guy pays $25 to see a striptease act ... Then asks for the stripper's number. 

It's awful when whites try to go all urban ... 

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"What's wrong with that bird!?"


Monday, November 27, 2017: Dang it was nice out there, though I only got a quick workday breakaway to go the Holgate route. Helping the days-too-short cause was a near-keeper bass at the back cut; not that I measured – knowing that even if it was a keeper I had to get back to work. Cleaning and such is not just a time consumer – when done right -- but a bit dirty for fingers ... soon returning to the keyboard. I have olfactory senses in some other dimension. Even after scrubbing up and finishing off with pure alcohol hand washes I can still smell a fishy keyboard for days.

The lone snowy owl in Holgate today was way bayward – and being closely watched – from a polite distance – by an equally lone photographer.

I used my kick-ass Zeiss binoculars to get a good, crystal clear close-up look at the snowy. I swear it is not one I’ve seen before, based on not just its markings but an ever-so-slight off-white coloration, though I imagine it can become whiter as the coldness sets in. I still think it’s a newbie to Holgate. I’ll let the pros make the final call.

The state still swears up and down that there has yet to be a contract signed for the LEI dredging, claiming it will know in a couple days, when things are “finalized.” That makes no sense since pieces of dredge equipment and assorted vessels have already been seen out on the water. The only thing I might guess is the equipment is either state or even federal officials checking out the proposed path of the pipeline, which had to be shown in the state’s permit application to the Army Corps. As I’ve noted, I’ve seen that plan. The pipeline looks to come ashore somewhere near the BH/LBT line.

I guess I should state the obvious: the boat fishing has been absolutely epic for many an angler. I say it’s “obvious” due to the many photos I’ve been putting up – which are a fraction of the total pics I’m coming across.

By the by, I’m absolutely fine with the great bass that are being kept. Many are large but in the highly-edible size range. I know for a reported fact that some mega-stripers, easily pushing 50, have been released. I also refrained from displaying a photo of a kept bass in the high 50s, kept for the pride of it. I fully understand why. The fellow hadn’t caught a bass over 20 pounds before that cow. Keeperage is always a sticky striper issue. I’m just super glad to see so many folks finally hooking up. The bass biomass has to be massive … and just off the beach.

The beach has some schoolies. I got mine on a surface snaker, i.e. a spook-type sashayer. I tried jig/plastic and nary a touch. Only threw 34 casts due to time constraints. They were long casts, though.

Ocean water is near 50, give or take. However, boats are finding warmer water temps. Also, a fellow I know said the fish he’s landing are coming up feeling warm. That perfectly aligns with thermocline water layering this time of year, whereby a lens of mild water is trapped beneath the colder surface water.

Another very nice red drum was caught. I believe it was a surf-caught fish. Got no details, just word about it. 


Dante Soriente
Savage Tog Bite today fished with Frank Crescitelli on his 34 Buddy Davis fished 3 hours and limited out quick throwing some back!! Magictail Jigs and Victor Tang V Rigs were the hot item today. There is no doubt the V Rigs are the best black fish rig I ever used!! Mostly small fish 4-5 lbs with biggest around 8. Heading out tomorrow Am with the Fish head boys!!!


Do I really want to place this IBSP report in here? I guess there are some readers up there where the fish shine. At least we have sunshine down here. You can't have everything ... where would you keep it? 

John Bushell Jr. to Betty and Nicks Bait and Tackle Fishing Club
UPDATED 11:12 AM Just got this report, "Every cast. Over the bar and drag it. All fish fat. I think sand eels."
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John Bushell Jr. to Betty and Nicks Bait and Tackle Fishing Club
UPDATED 10:09 AM BIG BUNKER in close enough to snag right now according to Kevin D.

 Tom Mikoleski to East End Anglers
Capt. Jimmy Krug of the Persuader charter Boat, Fishing on the Sea Lark today released a monster blackfish today just under 17-pounds. Kudos to Capt. Jim.
“The fish was caught by my son Jack yesterday it was officially weighed at west lake at 16.25 lbs. Jack decided to release it so we kept it overnight and I had the honor to release it for him as he had wrestling practice today.” Capt Jim.


The frustrations of hunting Jersey. Gunner and I hunting Pheasant at Stafford Forge WMA this afternoon. Pushing the switchback grass. Every time he gets birdy some city dwelling millennial drives there fancy SUV past us. I have to stop dog while they drive past. Finally I said to the one driver. You know this is a hunting area? She says real snotty , no this is Stafford Forge it’s Park. I pointed out she could get peppered out here not wearing orange, and she also interrupting my hunt on property and birds that hunters pay for buying licenses. Her response “just get over it’


Another good day at Bobbies's Boats Bait & Tackle


Go fishing! That's the report. This is possibly the best Fall Striper troll I have ever seen. 15 to 35 pound fish are on the feed. This is predominantly a troll bite anywhere from the Bathing Beach to Lavalette. White Mojos and Maja bunker spoons are working the best for us. There are tons of bunker to snag, sometimes 30 to 40 feet thick readings of bunker on the fish finder but the snag and drop is not productive. There are a good amount of birds working and hitting the water yet casting and jigging are not resulting in hookups either. The good news is that the troll bite is insane with quality size fish. Most of our action is on the braid rods with Mojos which is a lot of fun without the wireline involved. When we do use wire, it's our shorter rods with only 150 feet of wire instead of the bigger rods with 300 feet. We tie a big bucktail on tipped with pork rind and have a guy on each side of the boat jig these while we slow troll. It works really well and is a train wreck of a hit when you hook up! The last week right up until today has been a quantity of quality fish every trip. 
Open Boat or Charter Wed thru Fri, Nov 29, 30, and Dec 1, departing at 10 AM, returning around 4:30 PM. 
Sat, Dec 2, departing at 6AM, returning around 1 PM.  $175 person, 4 people max on Open Boats, all fish are shared. 
Attached pics: 
JPEG 0983: Dave Glassberg of PA and Hi Flier first mate Capt Nick DeGennaro holding up Dave's 35 pound Striper trolled on a Mojo.
JPEG 1005: Carlos Hopkins of PA with a 30 lb bass he caught on a big white Mojo.


Capt Dave DeGennaro
Hi Flier Sportfishing 
732.330.5674 cell


Mysterious booming sounds have left people baffled all over the planet.

The terrifying noises have been recorded everywhere from the Middle East to the Midwest this year — with the majority heard on the US East Coast.

The latest boom came to light this week, scaring residents in Alabama.

Cops say they were notified of a “suspicious sound” that was described as a “loud boom” around 9 p.m. Nov. 20.

The boom, dubbed “Bama Boom,” shook multiple houses and was heard statewide, according to WBMA.

But cops and experts can’t seem to figure out what caused the mysterious noise.

Some experts say causes could range from supersonic aircraft to meteors exploding in the atmosphere.

But this isn’t the first time the mysterious sound has been heard, with 64 locations reporting similar sounds this year.

The booms were heard all over, including Michigan, Lapland, and in the UK at St. Ives, Swansea and Yorkshire.

Meanwhile, residents in Alabama took to Twitter to report the latest mysterious event.

One local described it as “an incredibly loud boom” that “shook the entire house.”

The National Weather Service in Birmingham, Alabama, said the noise could be from an aircraft sonic boom or a meteorite from the Leonid shower.

They tweeted: “Loud boom heard: we do not see anything indicating large fire/smoke on radar or satellite; nothing on USGS indicating an earthquake.”

Meanwhile, NASA’s Bill Cooke told ABC 3340 the origin of the mysterious boom remains unclear.

He believes the sound could have been produced by a bolide, a large meteor that explodes in the atmosphere; a large supersonic aircraft, or a ground explosion.

According to Cooke, NASA scientists will continue to analyze new data in hopes of determining the cause of the boom.


Daniel DiPasquale added 2 new photos.
Savage bite! All the 20 and 30#ersy you want.
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Image may contain: one or more people, sky, outdoor, water and nature
The moment you realize you have a problem too many fishing rods

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