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Monday May 25, 09 -- Bass alert!!!!!!!!!!!

1 p.m. addendum.
Water warm-up alert: A light northeast wind has allowed a lens of much warmer water to push in along the beachfront of LBI.
From north to south, downwelled water has ushered in surfside water in the low to mid 60s. The weekend’s 50-degree water has essentially been overridden by the warmer arriving water. During overrides like this, the colder water is suppressed toward the bottom.
(Downwelling is the opposite of upwelling, the later allowing the deeper cold water to reach the surface.)
The arrival of warm surfline water could increase the beach bass bite by late afternoon --and particularly tomorrow a.m.
There is a tendency for clam bait to work extra well during these warm-ups. Higher tides also seem to offer the better bite due in large part to the clearer water.
This window of warmer water could close quickly if forecasted winds out of the south kick in by midweek. We could then see upwelling at it worst.

Monday, May 25, 2009: Waves: Small south wind swell.

Striper insanity alert: The waters off IBSP have gone gonzo with bass. Not surprisingly, that intense action is related to bunker pods having begun to show on the surface. Snag-and-drop techniques are producing big fish within no time after drop. Obviously a single opinion is not definitive but a fellow on the cell phone said it’s the greatest striper fishing he has ever seen. Talking with Basil at BL B&T – where weigh-ins are pouring in – some of those folks bringing in fish are also claiming all-time bass fishing. Bunker spoons and spreaders are also working well.
As for surf fishing, it’s definitely not scalding. How can it be with water temps as low as the upper 40s. Still, Simply Bassin’ is showing entries – see www.fishlbi.com -- and I had a tourist fellow call me at work this a.m. asking if a 39-inch bass was large enough to keep. He then wondered if it would barbeque well for a party at his house today. I told him that not only would it blow away fish-loving folks but I’d be willing to stop by to make certain it was edible. I laughed when saying it but he was so psyched I might stop by I know feel a bit obligated.
On a cooler note, the weekend bassing was frigid for many folks I talked with in the mid-Island area. Despite very heavy fishing pressure not a single fish was hoist-able as I walked along with my camera. I heard similar no-action tales form other Island surf zones. Of course, we’re talking midday at high sun in many instances.
Fluke fishing remains big – and slowish. More doormats have hit tackle shop scales, while chatter at the boat ramps has been a lot smaller, as in very low keeper rates from decent overall hook rates. It’s to be expected with an 18-inch minimum.
Radio chatter indicated a few bluefish here and about. Nowhere near the numbers we should be seeing in late May. Unexplainable.
Not hearing much on black drum. I did get word of a 20-pounder taken on a fluke hook.
Any interesting reports for my weekly column?????

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