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Monday, May 08, 2017: Highly mixed reports, even more so than usual ... also shiney and a highly personal hand sanitizer ..

Below: NYC tries new approach to discouraging the unlawful driving of blocked-off side streets. See https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uG3-ZE4sb3M

Wrecking ball fail

Below: No harm, no foul ... That translates into this kicker being suspended for who knows how long ... 

Wrong ball

Below: This week's "What the f*** did you think was going to happen!?" award goes to: 

Girl jumps on ball

Monday, May 08, 2017: Highly mixed reports, even more so than usual.

Big blues on one street-end and totally absent on nearby beaches. Blues running chopper-huge one place and closer to medium/cocktails at another. Still all-heads.  

Not that conditions have been playing all that nice. Winds have been wicked regardless of direction. Current gusty west winds will drop tonight and even become variable by tomorrow. That’s real good news for boat anglers, especially those who finally put in over the weekend. The laid-down winds might last for a big chunk of the week. Chilly times, though.

Bass are being highly finicky to downright AWOL on many prime fronts. Then, I get word of Scott Shirey’s 41-inch 26-pounder taken from the mid-Island surf, weighed in at Fisherman’s HDQ. It went for bunker in the a.m.

This let-up in winds might finally allow for some trolling and bunker spotting. This is not to say a few stripers aren’t being taken by boat, just no rhythm to the bite.

I just got word (noon today) of a bayside just-keeper bass that went for clams meant for drumfish.

Coastal Angler Magazine

I’m betting it was a bayside bass. I’m told it was very rounded out for spring. No stomach contents, though. That vernal chubbiness can sometimes indicate a milder winter since bass eat all the time if waters don’t get too far down into the 30s. Even then, I’ve taken them from atop ice in Collins Cove.

As for those drum, despite hardcore black drum anglers being very hush-mouthed, they will talk when they ain’t got squat to report. Go figure. They are still dropping chicken liver for mega-drum. 

That said, I was recently gifted with three of the most delicious drumfish and crab cakes I have ever eaten, which makes sense since the maker is one of those meticulous Martha Steward type cooks – who is seriously thinking about opening a small shop. I’m in for all “drumfish/crabcake” days. By the by, Her homemade mayo took the recipe to new heights. She’s huge on tog but her hubby has fallen off on that front, due to winds.

“Jay, When might the blowfish show?”

If I’m not mistaken, they should have started to show already, often indicated by a few washing up on the front beach, stunned from 50-degree-water thermal shock. The northern puffer, the blowfish’s haughtier name, is a poor swimmer, using just its tail to paddle along. Any water current resistance as it moves northward from off the ocean slows its progress.

To date, I haven’t heard a peep about them. It's often winter flounderers who note them first. That blackback bite has been off ... but not out for the sharpies dropping chum galore. 

I get why folks are wondering about puffers, after a few consecutive years of very fine blowfishing under our belt. Of course, I greatly prefer if folks would forsake the spring bite until a month or so from now – after the vital bayside spawn is over. The larger females can then be caught, while the males watch the brood in shallow bay waters. 

Good blowfishing boat ... 

Image may contain: sky, outdoor and water


Below: Here's is a new 2017 trend for those terrified of sun-damaged skin and related cancers. Some shops on LBI might even be carrying these Asian face-covering inventions ... or, mercifully, not. Hell, you forget and wear one of those into a bank to draw out some money for dinner and the entire building goes into lock-down mode. 


Did some upward sightseeing while hanging out near the ball fields at Pinelands Regional High School, Saturday. These glossy ibis were hellbent on feeding off the grass of these learning grounds. However, no sooner would they settle in than the air/propane cannons meant to stave off Canada geese would sound off like a 12-gun salute ... a 12-gun shotgun salute. Scared the crap of me when they went off. Oh, I've heard them before; at some farms where deer need the crap pellets scared clean out of them to keep them off the crops. 

Anyway, these ibis would get spooked skyward, then circle, looking a lot like a circling formation of fighter aircraft. When they thought the air had cleared, they'd land ... and "Boom!" They kept coming back for more. I didn't. 

Bird & Wildlife Propane Cannon.

It might be cool to keep one of these handy during the summer ... to secure a spot on a crowded beach. 

"We're under attack!"


In photography, a single photo can vicariously indicate a very bad day. ...


Finally, a health club with the right attitude ... 


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With the May 21 season opener closing in fast, fisheries managers and state officials prepare for a final showdown in New Jersey’s fight against a three fish at 19-inch bag limit on fluke.
By Jim Hutchinson, Jr.  |  May 7, 2017
With the May 21 season opener closing in fast for New Jersey summer flounder anglers, fisheries managers and state officials prepare for the final showdown on size and bag limits in Virginia this week that could lead to a three fish bag limit and 19-inch size limit.

While New York and Delaware have each adjusted their 2017 summer flounder season to mesh with the Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission (ASMFC) vote in February, New Jersey’s recreational season remains the same as it was in 2016.

This week, it all comes to a head!

On Wednesday, May 10 from 1 p.m. to 5:30 p.m., the ASMFC’s Summer Flounder, Scup, and Black Sea Bass Management Board ... will meet jointly at the Westin Alexandria at 400 Courthouse Square, Alexandria, Virginia.

Sometime during that meeting, the assembled members of the ASMFC and MAFMC will review state compliance with Addendum XXVIII summer flounder recreational measures for 2017; they’ll also be reviewing a white paper on summer flounder recreational specifications presented by Bob Ballou with the Rhode Island Division of Fish and Wildlife.

It’s possible that ASFMC could officially take a vote that New Jersey is “out of compliance” with the 2017 summer flounder regulations, at which point a process would begin to get underway by which NOAA Fisheries and ultimately the Department of Commerce would have to consider making an official call of non-compliance.

Prior to that actually happening however, the ASFMC’s Interstate Fisheries Management Program Policy Board will meet on Thursday, May 11 from 8 a.m. until 10:30 a.m., at which point the member states along with representatives of both the Commerce (NMFS) and Interior Department (USFWS) will review and the official New Jersey appeal of Addendum XXVIII.

So while ASMFC could vote on Wednesday to recommend that the Secretary of Commerce take up action against the state of New Jersey for failing to comply with their February vote, nothing is expected to be finalized until New Jersey’s official appeal is heard and reviewed on Thursday morning.

At an outdoor writer’s workshop in Upper Freehold Township on Thursday, March 30, New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP) Commissioner Bob Martin said the official appeal to ASMFC - with copies sent to both NOAA Fisheries and the Department of Commerce - was not exclusively about the direct impact on individual anglers and the recreational fishing industry, but the fish itself. “It will also harm the long-term health of the state’s summer flounder stocks,” Martin told reporters, adding “If we go forward with these regulations mortality rates of the fish returned to the water will be higher than those that are harvested. This will be the first time in the state’s history that this will happen.”

Martin said he and his team have had multiple meetings in Washington DC with both legislators and officials alike inside both the Commerce Department and NOAA Fisheries to review the fluke issue. “We met with Sam Rauch who is the acting assistant administrator for NOAA for fisheries, and we had good dialog with him about the process and how we move forward, what the issues were,” Martin said. “It was a much better dialog than I thought we were going to have, so that was helpful.”

The ongoing fluke fiasco has been confusing to say the least. In late April, New York’s Marine Resource Advisory Council which advises the state on marine fisheries matters explained to members of the public how the ASMFC technical committee and NOAA Fisheries had officially “accepted” the Option Five proposal which would require New York, Connecticut and New Jersey to adhere to a three fish and 19-inch size limit on fluke during a 128-day season (New Jersey’s expected start of that season is May 21).

As recently noted at TheFisherman.com, at issue is the fact that Option Five only meets a 30-percent reduction in recreational harvest for 2017, and not the 41-percent reduction originally required by NOAA Fisheries and the Commerce Department. In an email on Wednesday, April 19, NOAA Fisheries solicited public comment to continue with the "conservation equivalency" approach to management in which states develop state or regional minimum sizes, possession limits, and fishing seasons that will achieve the necessary level of conservation while supporting a recommended coastwide management measure for summer flounder, which would include a 19-inch minimum size limit, four fish bag and open season from June 1 to September 15.

Outside of that email blast, NOAA Fisheries has said nothing publicly about New York’s preferred Option Five as per the ASMFC vote in February and whether or not it really hits the reduction mark the agency had previously outlined. However, as per the NOAA release, if ASMFC is unable to implement the measures approved at their February meeting, either due to New Jersey’s appeal or based on a technical ruling that the three at 19-inch size limit for the Connecticut, New York and New Jersey region fails to meet the 41% reduction required by NOAA Fisheries, the coastwide standard of a 19-inch minimum size limit, four fish bag and June 1 to September 15 season would be put into place.

Procedurally speaking, NOAA Fisheries’ April 19 notice also includes language that could result in New Jersey’s federally permitted for-hire boats being required to comply with the non-preferred measures of two fish at 20 inches and a July 1 through August 31 season, if ASMFC votes to find the state officially out of compliance this week.

The final showdown comes to a head starting Wednesday with the compliancy question, moving along Thursday morning during review of the official appeal. Thus far, NOAA Fisheries and the Department of Commerce have refused to show their hand; and while some think the state of New Jersey is simply bluffing, the Christie administration has doubled down pretty well while holding cards close to the vest.

It’ll be interesting to see if anyone has something up their sleeve!

For those curious as to how the sausage gets made in this fisheries ...


Mike Stewart‎ May 6 near Seaside Park, NJ · 

Wind? What wind.... ? Wind was howling from the south 20+, got 2 blues, this 43"and a


(For this week's schedule ... contact David.)

West winds again tomorrow (Monday) Should flatten that ocean out to allow us to go try a shot at trolling bunker spoons for big stripers. Not that there's been any reported but its time. Depending on the sea condition and what you guys want to do, we can also fish the bay for bluefish which has been steady. $175 person, all fish are shared.  6AM to Noon (or later).   
Capt. Dave DeGennaro
Hi Flier Sportfishing
732.330.5674 cell


The giant jersey Muskey is not a myth!! Released to fight another day. Angler:Colin Fields


Above: Bufflehead ... All About Birds
We took second place in the WSB Level 1 Competition for Limited Geographic Area! Total was 140 species of birds in Ocean County. Migrants were hard to come by due to weather. We worked hard checking off birds. We birded from 2 AM to 9 PM going about 260 miles by car and probably over 10 miles on foot. Our list of stops included: Barnegat Light and IBSP: grasslands of Stafford and Colliers Mills; woodlands of Manahawkin, Barnegat, Cloverdale; Cattus Island and Double Trouble Park; to all the marshes and bridges of 7 Bridges Rd. Highlights were: Snow goose; bufflehead; LT duck; lesser scaup; Merlin; 2 Harriers; Palm Warbler; several gull-billed terns and red knots; and purple sandpiper. BIG misses were: kingfisher, night heron; rb grosbeak and nighthawk.


Congresswoman Bonnie Watson Coleman Announces Re-Introduction of Bill to Reform Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC)


Bipartisan elected officials, affected homeowners, conservation leaders and citizens’ groups will urge the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP) to wield its full authority in reviewing proposed projects like the PennEast pipeline. Congresswoman Bonnie Watson Coleman (NJ D-12) will also announce that she will re-introduce the “SAFER Pipelines Act,” a bill that aims to reform the outdated and flawed review process of FERC, the federal agency that regulates and approves new gas pipelines in the U.S.

The bill will strengthen the oversight of proposed pipelines in the U.S., mandate that gas companies demonstrate true market need of proposed projects, fully assess potential environmental damages and cumulative impacts, and enforce a comprehensive and robust approach to energy infrastructure planning.

State legislators and elected officials from townships along the proposed PennEast pipeline route in Hunterdon and Mercer counties will emphasize the important role that NJDEP must play in evaluating the environmental impacts of proposed pipelines like PennEast under the strict standards of the Clean Water Act and state regulations.


WHAT:                   Congresswoman Bonnie Watson Coleman (D) Announces Re-Introduction of Bill that Aims to Reform FERC

                                State Senator Christopher “Kip” Bateman (R) (invited)

Assemblyman Reed Gusciora (D) (invited)

Julie Blake (D), Deputy Mayor, Hopewell Twp.

Richard Dodds (R), Deputy Mayor, Kingwood Twp.

Jacqueline Evans, founding member of HALT PennEast and homeowner along proposed PennEast route


WHERE/WHEN: Wednesday, May 10, 10 a.m.

New Jersey State House, Senate Conference Room 103

125 W. State St.

Trenton, NJ  08608



  • Mayors from Townships near proposed pipelines
  • Citizen representatives
    • HALT PennEast (Homeowners Against Land Taking)
    • Homeowners on proposed PennEast pipeline route
  • ReThink Energy NJ
  • New Jersey Conservation Foundation
  • Stony Brook-Millstone Watershed Association
  • Other citizen and non-profit groups opposing PennEast


I'm including this segment from last week's SP column since I can show the packaging here: 

MY SHINEY WHAT?!: The following thing might be R-rated, though I’ll be dang if I know for sure. It is surely W-rated, i.e. “W” for weird, almost beyond compare.

A South Jersey buddy undoubtedly went into one of his patented giggling fits after emailing me a cellphone video clip. To start, it unexcitingly showed him cleaning the inside of a disassembled bait-casting reel. He was using some sort of wand-y, spinning-head cleaning device – pink in color and not immediately identifiable.

Oh, I knew full well he was up to something with this video. This is the same jokester who said he was claustrophobic and got me to climb into his attic to “get a scared cat” that had somehow climbed up there. Well, it wound up being the most pissed-off raccoon mom that I’ve ever had charge me. And, of course, the attic’s sole trap door had been slammed shut once I was up there.

Anyway, this odd spinning brush-head device seemed to work decently at reel cleaning. It successfully reached into dirty reel crevices. At the same time, I’ve seen way better tools for the job. He’s a tinkerer; I figured he had come up with some new fishing-related product to get rich from. Perish the innocent thought.

It was the cellphone’s final focus that sent things spinning out of weirdness control. It showed a well-appointed package, revealing the true identity of the device. Say hello to something called My Shiney Hiney. If I’m lyin, I’m dyin’. Ye of disbelief, simply Google it.

Despite my life of endlessly seeking weirdities, I was not ready for this thing, especially My Shiney Hiney’s glowing motto: “Bring Sexy Back.” Hey, it’s right there on the front of the package.

The first thing that came spinning into my analytical mind was the shocking implication that “sexy” had been lost, or had fled, ostensibly due to the glaring lack of shiny hineys.

But things are apparently looking brighter, or shinier, or something. Right there on the My Shiney Hiney front packaging it says, “One extra step in the shower and you’ll look sexier all day long.”


Now, very few places north of Ipanema beach in Brazil are ripe with exposed hineys – shiny, dull or semi-gloss. I can only assume that simply knowing you’re nice and shiny where the sun don’t shine allows one to exude a certain sexiness.

And, just like that, I’m not sure I’ll now be able to even glance at a gal without looking for some sort of shiny-hiney glow.

“Hey, Jay, how have you been? I’d like you to meet my grandmother. She just turned 80. Doesn’t she look great?”

Oh, no!

I soon discovered this product was more far-reaching than at first blush. In fact, I was dumbfoundedly impressed that it was circuitously being endorsed by none other than Ellen DeGeneres – which likely added some hidden oomph to the entire concept. Hey, I do read an occasional tabloid or two.

Just like that, more research was needed, so I nervously Googled the device. I wasn’t sure I wanted “My Shiney Hiney” showing up on my otherwise shiny-clean search history.

“So, Mr. Mann, you mean to tell this court that you just walked into work one day and, out of the blue, decided to innocently Google the subject of polished derrieres?”

“Yes … I mean, no! You don’t get it. I was looking into a Shiney Hiney to clean my fishing reels. I swear I’ve never done anything like this before. You gotta believe me, judge. … And it’s highly unprofessional to be laughing like that! Gimme that gavel. … Order in the court!”

After due journalistic assiduousness, I quickly got to the heart of the My Shiney Hiney matter. I couldn’t help but harken back to a famed movie scene and Crocodile Dundee’s bidet confusion – with his yelling from a NYC window sill to the crowded street below, “For washing your backside, right?”

Just like that, the wicked weirdness of the reel-cleaning video became clear. I can now seek my revenge by probing into how it happened to come into the hands of this angler.

Before backing away from this topic, I can’t shake my wonderment over the My Shiney Hiney suggestion that “It makes a perfect gift.”

Show of hands: Who among you no longer needs to worry about Christmas gifts for 2017?

I didn't risk adding this product to my story ... It is NOT fake! See www.amazon.com

Maybe You Touched Your Genitals Hand Sanitizer 

  Maybe You Touched Your Genitals Hand Sanitizer
About the product
  • The Maybe You Touched Your Genitals Hand Sanitizer is an antibacterial hand gel with witty packaging
  • Purely for use on the hands (contains alcohol, so may sting anywhere else!)
  • Kills 99.9% of germs on contact
  • This antibacterial gel also includes Aloe Vera to soften the skin
  • Perfect gift or present for your Dad Auntie Uncle Brother Boyfriend Husband Teenagers

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