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Monday, January 30, 2017: No snow is good snow. Sorry for the folks who eagerly put their snow plows on ...

 Visual definition of "Priorities" ... 

"It's OK, that bad-old tax collector won't bother you any more ..."

Below: For all you hot-shot armchair refs out there ... So, is this a legal basket??? 

Monday, January 30, 2017: No snow is good snow. Sorry for the folks who eagerly put their snow plows on the front of their trucks – and that can be a just enough of a pain in the ass to curse the skies of now snowing down.

We will be seeing a cold snap and then – dare I say it – that might be it for sub-freezing. I still see warm spurts coming, rapid fire, by mid-February.

Winter is too long ... even when it's short. 

Hey, the 2017 Super Plunge XIII is this coming weekend. Water temps: upper 30s. Can we get a couple/few anglers running in with their surf fishing gear on -- and maybe a castnet or throw-away rod in hand? Nothing says you have to go in wearing just a bathing suit. Hell, we've gotten doused a lot worse when stripering in the suds. 

The final results and winners are in for the 2016 LBI Surf Fishing Classic. See them at http://www.lbift.com/tournament.php?id=1196

Sorry for the delay in posting these but there were a couple stumbling points in finalizing the prizes. Congrats to all the winners -- and hope to see all ya'll at the spring Simply Bassin'. 


Many (!) of you have asked about Margaret O'Brien. She is doing so-so, per this Facebook post. Throw in a quick prayer for her ongoing recovery. I'm telling you it helps.

"Well if everything had gone right I would have woke up this morning in the house I had rented in Florida from now till the end of Feb. but things did not work out as planned. Today I am back to the Dr. for another ekg after he changed my meds on Friday. My heart rate is to high and blood pressure to low. Meanwhile I am feeling stronger each day but I still can not do a lot at one time which the dr. told me to listen to my body."  Margaret O'Brien.


Also on the local front, regarding our longtime buddy Chris Capp: Carrie Zipf Slowe to Chris Capp

This is the information we have so far: Chris was hit by a car on Ft. Myers Beach. He is in hospital with broken ribs, collapsed lung, broken clavicle. I believe that information is from Joe Althouse (spelling?) Please if anyone is near him, could we get some more information as to which hospital, who has the dogs, how can we help!! Thank you.

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Am I the only one who knows for a proven fact that refugees/immigrants are the only ones willing to do the jobs we Americans, even vets, don't particularly want to do anymore?

Related image



Dante Soriente

Next winter I plan on taking a two-week vacation and traveling to the West Coast for steelhead going to rent an RV with a few buddies and see what the West Coast has to offer. Some of my West Coast friends any help is greatly appreciated what is the prime months for the West Coast steelhead? And what Rivers should I check out?

SICK: I want to make a shout-out to one of the most talented artists I know, Tracie Lynn Scherer, who has chosen to display a small part of her artfulness via amazing fishing plugs.

 Above: Tracey and friends.

Tracey has been put upon by some true low-lives of our sport – seemingly going after her as if she has broken some holy taboo by taking her plug shapes to odd, fanciful dimension and shapes.

The accusations and language being used by her detractors is deplorable, more so because it’s aimed at a woman. Much of it has recently centered on her plans to show her creations at an upcoming fishing flea market. Per usual, many of the mouth-offs are hiding behind social media anonymity.

She has found it necessary to cancel her appearance at the prestigious Berkeley Fishing Club’s 21st Annual Berkeley Striper Club, Fisherman's Flea Market,  March 6, 2016  9 a.m. - 2 p.m. , Toms River Intermediate School North, 150 Intermediate North Way, Toms River, NJ.

She recently posted; “… Due to being threatened, I am being threatened by grown men to jump me, crap on my table at Berkley show , block me, slash my tires on truck; boycott me and even jump me, I may have to take this to law enforcement because yes I am now scared and sick. I worked verrry hard prepping for this show and was so excited to meet all of you … but apparently there is not enough room for a women in this fishing community per these big bad internet guys. So now all of my hard work for nothing :/ I am so sorry and sad to not be going.”

(I have to doubly emphasize that absolutely none of this comes from the always-classy folks at the Berkeley Striper Club, among the finest fishing aficionados anywhere.) 

Knowing Tracey, I was shocked and even momentarily suspected she might be overreacting. Then, I looked into some of her fears and found nothing less than insanity aimed at her, via FB and fishing sites comments (many since taken down). Some a-holes demeaned her person so badly -- going after her personal life -- I quit reading their posts and went looking for something to punch. 

By the by, the bad-mouthing has gotten so bad she's leaving the state. Fortunately, her artwork will remain available. If you're interested in her plugs,  

Below: Tracey's creations can be wildly out there ... coolly so, and purely for fun.

But even when she goes more straight-laced the looks are remarkable ... 

Oh, knock it off! You always think there's someone watching ... 

NJ DEP Commissioner Vows to Fight for Status Quo for 2017 Fluke Measures


January 27, 2017-  In front of the iconic party boat fleet docked along Channel and Inlet Drive in Point Pleasant Beach, New Jersey Department of Environment (DEP) Commissioner Bob Martin, vowed to over 200 members of the commercial and recreational fishing industry to fight the quota reductions pending for summer flounder in 2017 that will be devastating to New Jersey fishermen if enacted.  


NOAA Fisheries has approved an 11.30 million pound acceptable biological catch (ABC) for summer flounder in 2017 which represents a 29% reduction from the 2016 ABC.  On top of that, NOAA Fisheries reports that recreational fishermen exceeded their recreational harvest limit in 2016 and that the recreational harvest limit in 2017 would need to be reduced by the amount of the overage.  The result is that the recreational sector is looking at close to a 40% reduction in 2017 which will represent the most restrictive measures in the history of the fishery's management.


At today's event, Commissioner Martin reinforced Governor Christie's commitment to call

 on NOAA Fisheries to maintain the summer flounder quota at 16.26 million pounds in 2017.  Furthermore, Commissioner Martin indicated that he will be reaching out to other of coastal states and ask that they push a similar message to the highest levels of the Trump Administration.    

Speakers today included industry leaders such as Jim Donofrio, Executive Director of the Recreational Fishing Alliance  and Jim Lovgren, 3rd generation commercial fisherman based out of Point Pleasant.  Also present was Representative Frank Pallone (D-NJ) who submitted a letter  with Senator Cory Booker to Assistant Administrator Eileen Sobeck in December 2016 insisting that summer flounder measures be maintained at status quo until a benchmark assessment can be conducted.   Mr. Pallone acknowledged today that Congress needs to amend the federal law to prevent this issue from happening again or in other fisheries.   

"We are very thankful to Commissioner Martin, Deputy Commissioner Glass and their team for their efforts to help New Jersey fishermen and the fishing industry on this issue," said Jim Donofrio. "Immediate action is needed to save our 2017 fluke season but we all know that the long-term solution lies with passing amendments to the Magnuson Stevens Fishery Conservation and Management Act that will correct the flaws within that law." 

Earlier this week on "Ask the Governor" that aired on NJ 101.5 , Governor Christie reassured Jim Donofrio that he would be reaching out to other coastal governors and forwarding a joint message to President Trump that the summer flounder quota needs to be maintained at status quo in 2017.  On January 20, 2017, Assistant to the President and Chief of Staff Reince Priebus issued a memorandum suspending the implementation of any new federal regulations until reviewed and approved by agency and department heads.  This memo would force the Department of Commerce to review the summer flounder situation prior to taking action against any state that fails to change their regulations in response to the 11.26 million pounds quota.

Rebuilding efforts focused on summer flounder since the early 1990s increased the stock size to historic levels of abundance in 2007.  Since that time, the stock has displayed average to below average recruitment and the spawning stock biomass has dipped, prompting the reduction.  However, the stock is NOT overfished and biomass continues to be extremely high when compared to the stock size over the last 25 years.   In addition, independent reviews of the summer flounder stock assessment find that there are significant deficiencies and that improvements to the modeling approach can be made.  It is expected that those changes would lessen or eliminate altogether the need for a quota reduction. 



While somewhere slightly south of here, petty bait theft is the main problem this day ... (via Stephanie Frazier, near Melbourne Beach, FL)

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Super Plunge XIII Set for Super Bowl Sunday in Brant Beach

Jan 25, 2017

File Photo by: Ryan Morrill

Take a quick dip in the ocean on Super Bowl Sunday, with plenty of time to warm up and get home for the big game! The 13th annual Super Plunge, benefiting St. Francis Community Center and the Southern Regional High School swim teams, is scheduled for 1 p.m. Feb. 5, on the 48th Street beach in Brant Beach.

“The ‘Plunge’ has become a popular community favorite during the winter doldrums on Long Beach Island,” noted St. Francis communications coordinator Lori Dudek. “The event grows in participation each year.”

Pre-registration is required. Register at the community center on Saturday, Feb. 4, from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m., or on Sunday, Feb. 5, from 10 a.m. to noon. Registration forms can be picked up in advance at the front desk of the center, or printed off the St. Francis website, stfranciscenterlbi.org, and mailed to: St. Francis Community Center, Attn: Super Plunge XI, 4700 Long Beach Blvd., Long Beach Township, N.J. 08008-3926.

The fee is $30 per person on or before Jan. 29 and $35 after. Students pay only $15 on or before Jan. 29 or $20 after. Participants are encouraged to seek sponsor donations in addition to their registration fee. Sponsor forms can also be found online.

According to Dudek, “All registered participants will receive a commemorative t-shirt. T-shirts will also be available to spectators for purchase after 12 p.m. on Plunge day.

“Wristbands will be issued to all participants and must be worn at the time of the plunge,” she added. “Plungers should bring with them their courage, bathing suit, towels, blankets and whatever else is needed to warm up after the ocean dip. Costumes of all kinds are also encouraged.”

Post-Plunge festivities will commence back at the community center immediately following the event. Hot chocolate, coffee, tea and goodies will be served, and prizes will be awarded for the youngest plunger, oldest plunger, best costume, most funds raised and more.

In addition, the drawing for a travel voucher raffle will take place shortly after the awards ceremony. The winner will receive a $5,000 travel voucher from Home Town Travel, located at 128 Bartlett Ave. on Route 9 South in West Creek. Only 1,000 tickets will be sold, at a cost of $25 each. Tickets are currently on sale at the community center, and an online mail order form is available on the St. Francis website.

For more information, call the front desk at St. Francis Community Center, 609-494-8861, or visit stfranciscenterlbi.org or facebook.com/SuperPlungeSunday.  —J.K.-H.


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