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Monday, January 18, 2016: I have to admit the look of a little snow isn’t half bad ... What blizzard!?


Below: Anyone denying Old Man Winter can show up at any time, any place.  

Monday, January 18, 2016: I have to admit the look of a little snow isn’t half bad … since I’m stuck at work anyway. I can’t say as much for the air temps. Just getting from truck to door – and vice versa – is exactly why I hate real winter.

There is growing talk about the arriving weekend snow event – or rather the potential for a serious snowstorm. I might be blowing hot air, but I just can’t see it getting all blizzardy hereabouts, short of the potential for a thick white coating after the cold front aspect of the storm moves through, after the storm itself is out to sea. That is also the set-up whereby areas close – but not overly close – to here get some significant inches of white. However, this season were still hosting elevated ocean surface temps. Any onshore winds and we'll bust into the high 40s, far from snow-range. That means a rain/snow line can progress very far to the west.  

On my meteoro-maps, there is an equal potential that the storm stays/strays far enough off the coast, sparing major near-ocean cities and towns. At the same time, those further-out storms can power-swipe the immediate coastline. The problem there is the winds in that scenario don't come onshore but suck in snow-grade coldness from the northwest. 

That said, I refuse to fully refute the chance of a snow storm. I’ve learned that many a shore soul doesn’t want to hear about the possible spineless side of a storm's potentials. I kid you not. Tons of folks love storms, even if it’s only secretly. This closet love of storms is a borderline psychological thing; many folks craving any sort of change in their tedious life routines. Here’s hoping their desires don’t go so far as desiring a storm that wipe clean the shoreline slate -- though I know many a global warmist who would love unbridled coastal destruction all in the name of "See, I told you so!"  Sick, mofacks. 

The roads aren't all that bad, though backstreet freeze-ups are likely tonight. I'm obligated to repeat that beaches can be very tricky to drive where snow and ice have conspired to freeze the upper layers of upper beach. The wet sand areas are not overly nasty, though to get to them you need to pass across testy upper-sand areas. 

As Martin Luther King Day draws to a close, I need everyone to be thankful for … the frickin’ mail! Just think if the US Postal Service goes down the crapper. Can you imagine delivery services trying to take up the daily-delivery slack as reliably as the current postal service people? While we might have survived the downfall of Ma Bell and other monopoly conglomerates, we will fully regret allowing the US Postal Service to go the way of milkmen and bread boxes. Support your local USPS carriers. 

The power of the press: 

(For hunters and non hunters alike, this is an important read on the hunting of rapidly overpopulating native Canada geese ... )

Upon reviewing contemporary leg band recovery data from migrant population (AP and North Atlantic Population) Canada geese in New Jersey, it was determined that the Coastal Zone qualified as an Atlantic Flyway Resident Population Canada goose Zone. Resident Population Zones have been used in Atlantic Flyway states since 2002 and include portions of the Flyway which winter relatively few migrant geese. As such, Resident Population Zones can have more liberal goose hunting seasons than zones which winter significant numbers of migrant Canada geese.

As a result of this analysis, the Canada goose season in New Jersey's Coastal Zone was extended and the bag limit increased to 5 birds. This change will be implemented during the next three years and is considered experimental by the Atlantic Flyway Council and US Fish and Wildlife Service. After the 3-year period, an evaluation will be conducted to determine if the Coastal Zone season remains within the criteria for Resident Population Zones. Leg band recovery data from both New Jersey's North and South Zones suggest that these zones hold significant numbers of AP geese during fall and winter and greatly exceed the criteria for Resident Population Zones.

The Special Winter Canada Goose Season will be held January 25 to February 15, 2016 in two zones with the same hunt area boundaries as last year and a bag limit of 5 Canada geese per day. This special season is held in areas of the state that have a relatively low proportion of AP Canada geese during late winter. The determination of AP Canada goose abundance is based on leg band recovery data as well as information from previous neck band and satellite telemetry studies.


Take this photo to heart this time of year ...


Kevin Knutsen 

Kevin Knutsen's photo.

2016: Make sure to sign up with the New Jersey Beach Buggy Association: http://www.njbba.org/ ;



'This is one of the casualties of balloon releases. Not only are birds often strangled by these ribbons, but they are also badly injured by getting entangled in them. Please respect our environment and our wildlife. Do not release helium balloons. Please do not litter. (Photo credit: Matthew Male) I was notified by Facebook today that - ironically - this photo has been reported to Facebook as "graphic violence". The notice reads: "Your photo was reported for violating Facebook's Community Standards on graphic violence, which includes depicting harm to someone or something, threats to the public's safety, or theft and vandalism. We'll remove it if we find it violates this standard". Who on earth...???'
'An endangered Kemp's Ridley sea turtle (Lepidochelys kempii) was brought to Mote Marine Laboratory's Sea Turtle Hospital after it swallowed a balloon - an episode that we hope will remind residents and visitors to stow their trash carefully. The 3.3-pound young turtle with a carapace 8.7 inches long washed up on a sandbar near the south end of Lido Key with what appeared to be fishing line hanging from its mouth. Concerned swimmers called Mote biologists, who brought the Kemp's ridley to Mote's Sea Turtle Hospital. Before removing the pink line, which had scraped skin from the turtle's face, Mote staff used radiographs to verify that the turtle had not swallowed a fishing hook. Instead, they found remnants of a black balloon. Releasing helium-filled balloon often have unintended deadly consequences. Sea turtles, dolphins, and other critters mistake balloons for food. When the balloons are ingested, they block the intestines of the animal, and the result is almost certain death. Please do not release balloons. Contrary to what some proponents of balloon releases say, the balloons are not "biodegradable latex".'
Linda Meyer Browning's photo.
Linda Meyer Browning 
They don't go up to your heaven. They come down on mine. Please, people, stop releasing helium-filled balloons. They kill things...slowly, painfully - wonder
ful, beautiful things like birds that get entangled in the ribbons; dolphins, whales, seals, and sea turtles that mistake the balloons for food. 
There's leggings ... 

And then there's leggings ... 


Southern Regional High School Fishing Show Market set for February 13th

            Southern Regional’s annual fishing show is one of the largest fishing shows in Southern Ocean County.  The event will be held in the Southern Regional Middle School cafeteria on Saturday, February 13th from 8:00 AM – 2:00 PM.    New and used fishing gear and services will be available from vendors tables. Informational seminars from local experts presenting expertise at 9am,10am, and 11am.  Seminars topics will address boat, surf, and trout fishing techniques in your local waters. All proceeds benefit the Southern Regional High School Fishing Club.  Admission is $4. Children under 12 are free when accompanied by an adult. 

            For additional show or vendor information contact Jason Hoch, 609 597-9481 ext. 2120 jhoch@srsd.net .((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((())))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

D.j. Muller and 3 others shared Surf Day - The Jersey Shore Surfcasters's post.

We know a lot of people have been waiting for the 2016 vendor announcement. The wait is over! We have a list of confirmed vendors with more waitlisted. We are working on a floor plan to include even more surfcasting vendors for all of you. Check out the list athttp://jerseyshoresurfcasters.com/surf-day-2016/vendors.

Here is the list in alphabetical order:

247 Lures
Afterhours Custom Plugs 
A.O.K. Tackle Co.
Aquidneck Island Rod Builders
Backlash Sport Fishing
Betty and Nicks Bait and Tackle
Big Water Lures
Bimini Bay Outfitters/Tsunami
Black Label Plugs
BuzFly Products
Century Fishing Rods
ComboLock LLC
Couch's Cedar Works
Cyclone lures
DJ Muller Surfcasting
Dmag Lures
DT Lures
Fisherman's Headquarters
Fishermans Supply
Flatlander Surfcasting
Giglios Bait & Tackle
Glitter Plugs
Goin' East
Guides Secret Tackle
Guppy Lure Company
Hook 'R Lures
Hooks by Rollcast
J.T. Brooks
Jacks Tackle
Joebaggs Tackle
John Skinner Fishing
JP Fishing Lures
Kevin Markow
Linesider69 Custom Plugs
Loki Lures
Long Run Fishing Charters, LLC
luna custom lures
Madd Mantis Tackle Works
Magic Tail Bucktails
On The Water
Outdoor Etc.
PPW Lures
Recreational Fishing Alliance
Right Coast Wood Works
Rockhopper Fishing
Seminar Speaker
Seminar Speaker
Striper Bites
Super Strike Lures, Inc.
Surf Asylum
Surfcaster's Journal
Tank Surfcasting Lures
The Fisherman Magazine
The Reel Seat, Inc
The Saltwater Edge
The Surfcaster
Tinman Tackle
Tom Scibek Fishing Lures
Van Staal


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