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Monday, February 08, 2016: If you know any squirrels, it’s time to call in the markers

You otter see this close call... 

Monday, February 08, 2016: If you know any squirrels, it’s time to call in the markers for all those times they emptied the birdfeeder. Just climb into a hollow tree with them, use their tails like blankets, and sleep off the rest of this winter blahs week, clean through to next week.

The weather from now through next Monday is worthy of an instant NJ abandonment. If only such was doable. (See astral projection mention below.)

Oh, the arriving snow and accompanying slop will easily be bad enough to bolt from but by the weekend we’ll be invaded by flirting-with-zero air temperatures, driven bone-ward by 30 mph west winds. My mind just about self-destructs as soon as I hear crap about, “Make sure to leave your water running overnight … at a pencil thickness.”

Back in the Sixties, when I hid from NJ’s wicked winters by surfing and fishing on Maui, we toyed with a concept call astral projection, a form of out of body experience.

The concept is ancient – and worldwide, having thrived within nearly every  Earthy culture.

In the west, medieval philosophers envisioned astral projection as a means of journeying to other places by leaving the body behind and entering an astral plane. All aboard for an astral-body journey to heavens, hells, and way-outer space.

But an American fellow named Robert Monroe came up with "Here-Now" astral projection, involving projecting one’s spiritual essence to people and places that actually exist.

Why go incompressibly cosmic when you could stay somewhat grounded upon our own planet? He even created an institute to teach out-of-body wannabes how to project their wide-eyed spirits somewhere else.  

Now, decades later and 5,000 miles westward, I could kick myself for not having mastered that discipline there on Maui. I could cuddle up with those squirrels and project myself to the sunny slopes of Haleakala.  

But back to this soon-to-freeze realm of LBI consciousness. If there is a glimmer of light at the end of the frozen-solid pipe-tunnel it’s the possibility that the middle of next week could see a huge temperature turnaround. Hells bells, how hard is it to turn around from sub-zero wind-chill?

FLOOD NOTES: Yes, we are seeing yet more flooding, though in a more typical vein.

This latest fly-by nor’easter will arrive during the month’s highest astronomical tides. The new moon will host a 5.8 feet -- without factoring in the additional weather-related height hikes. In fact, the Boulevard would already be seeing ponding at all its flood hotspots even without whatever The Weather Channel is naming this storm.

That said, there should be no high water marks that we don’t reach a dozen times a year … of late. 




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