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Monday, December 28, 2015: The beach is all but empty, which makes sense

Below: Proposed NFL helmet for 2016 ... Concussion Protocol Committee pondering.

Monday, December 28, 2015: The beach is all but empty, which makes sense. It’s raw and Decemberish out there. North to northwest winds have taken over, powerfully, making surfcasting an ugly affair. Plus, the water is a lovely chopped-up dirty tan/brownish with low-viz and a strong north-to-south current building in.

I do have to warn buggyists that the cut-aways from those days of south winds remain hideous. There are some escarpments with sheer drops of eight feet. Fortunately, there aren’t many of us using the beach.  

I don’t see any dredge boats out there today (Christmas break?) though there is still some equipment on the beach.

As you might know, Great Lakes will possibly be beating a hasty retreat to a military project down south. Their move was, at first, a bit of a local surprise but more recently became an uproar, as local, county, state and even federal authorities have reacted quite badly to media reports all dredging will stop until spring.

Below is a scathing NJDEP letter (Dec. 23) protesting the pause in LBI’s beach rescue project. NJ’s federal reps are also a-screech over the suspension of sand pumping.  Here’s a quote from LBT’s Mayor Joe: Long Beach Township Mayor Joseph H. Mancini worries that Holgate, along the southern portion of the island, will be particularly vulnerable to winter nor'easters.

“Our public works crews have pushed up as much sand as possible and right now at high tide, the ocean is right at the toe of the dunes,” Mayor Mancini said. “For Great Lakes to leave without replenishing this section of beach is frightening. We feel there is no excuse for them to pick up and leave in the middle of the project.”

That ongoing hubbub is why I describe the equipment shift to the Deep South as only possible, though I’ve heard the move is as much as a done-deal. The Army Corps has not gone overly official on announcing the move, obviously hedging their bets.

I’m on a sorta-vacation so I’m not going to make any insider calls for info. Besides, I know things are still in flux, at least from a scream-and-shout side of things.

Despite my being off, I will be occasionally checking at my news desk – which is the same as my work desk, lunch desk and sleep-atop desk.

I have to share the oddest “Oh, boy!” Christmas gift comment I heard. It rang, “I got this great drywall dimpler screw-setter attachment kit!” And this guy was truly excited. I’m standing there thinking, “No s***! How is anyone gonna top that next Christmas?”

I hope all y’all got great gifts. Just keep in mind that it’s the thought that counts, especially when that thought is, “Thank the stars above, Christmas is done for another year.” 


Mind-boggling meteorology: We can trace the same low pressure system that caused the tornadoes near Dallas to a remarkable storm set to explode over the North Atlantic and push temperatures up to 70 degrees above normal at the North Pole!

It is the same storm that helped spawned the Dallas tornado event



NJ Legislature Passed S2125/A3257
Shifting Power from the Pinelands Commission to State & County 
Agriculture Development Boards

Senator Van Drew's bill S2125/A3257 strips Pinelands Commission authority over farm-based recreational activities on deed-restricted farmland and gives it to county or state agriculture development committees.   
All of this has been done to allow one land-owner, Tuckahoe Turf Farm, to make money from large-scale soccer tournaments.

The bill passed the New Jersey Legislature on Thursday, December 17th after Senator Van Drew's committee approved significant changes to the bill on December 10th which left only 7 days for legislators and the public to review the impacts of the bill!

It's not about soccer - it's about the law!

Soccer advocates do not realize how important it is to protect the regulations and legal framework that served to protect the Pinelands for over 35 years.  S2125/A3257 disregards this legal framework.  

Even the Pinelands Commission opposed the bill.

The Pinelands Commission sent a letter to all legislators explaining the unintended consequences of the bill including:
  • The bill jeopardizes the Pinelands Development Credits program, which is the most important tool we have to preserve privately owned lands and fairly compensate owners for their loss of value;
  • Worst of all, passage of the bill invites other re-interpretations of the tenets of the Pinelands Act and the Pinelands Comprehensive Management Plan.  These documents are the bedrock upon which the successful protection of New Jersey's Pinelands has been based for the past 36 years.
What you can do:
We can't let these actions go unnoticed.  Please review how your legislator voted by using the links below.  Call your Senator and Assembly person to thank them or to express disappointment over their vote.  
Phone calls mean so much more than an email.

  • To find out who your Senator and Assembly person is click here
  • To see how they voted click here for the Senate and here for the Assembly.

Contact Jaclyn Rhoads at 609-859-8860 ext. 18 or jaclyn@pinelandsalliance.org if you have any questions.

Rest assured that PPA will continue to fight this bill and other efforts that serve to undermine the Pinelands Protections.


Dan Phillips

Med class lures from top the ahi/mahi cup face, wavedancer slant head and smoking beauty cup with four jets..... from scylla lures.
Dan Phillips's photo.

Bradley Wachowiak updated his profile picture.
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I wanted to fish tomorrow without it being a zoo but since the reports got out I'll post these. Had much bigger fish at the start of the blitz but managed to break them all off. They would hit right on the beach then scream drag. Even with a loose drag they were running too fast.

Garrett Kramer's photo.
Garrett Kramer's photo.
What else can you say but fucking epic bass up to 30# and blues up to 25# every fucking cast for 3 hours straight 
Dante Soriente

Nick Honachefsky with Tom Lynch 

My journey is over. After 41 years of life searching for the Surf Striper of a lifetime, the day has finally come. New Jersey surf, December 28, 2015, Northeast 25 knots, 5 to 6 foot whitewater surf, 4 PM on the dead low tide and only me and the ocean together, fishing on my old beach I haven’t fished since Sandy, not another soul in sight. Cast an Ava jig with Tsunami sand eel teaser into the whitewater and the magic happened, though I’ll save the whole battle tale for another day. She taped out at 50 inches to the fork, and 29 to 30 inches in girth which through the IGFA calculator puts her at 51.51 to 55.13 pounds. The 50 Club. The largest bass I've probably ever caught even from a boat. I am so humbled by her presence, and only had her out of the water for less than a minute before she tail slapped me in the surf on her way back through the crashing waves. I am still shaking!

Nick Honachefsky's photo.


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Comment by Dave Nederostek on December 28, 2015 at 7:28pm

The Inquirer last week had a story attributing the dredging debacle to Margate winning their court battle over easement procurement which now is affecting the entire state. Great Lakes got fed up with the bs. And left. Who can blame them?  They're in business too. Mancini has no right to bitch about them.

Comment by Allen Lawrence Jr. on December 29, 2015 at 10:38am

My Wife and I took a ride to LBI for my 63rd birthday yesterday to possibly fish and pick up some great chowder also.Stopped by Loveladies which is my favorite spot and I took a walk out on the boards to look over the situation.Hard NE wind and cold with spitting rain.Saw two guys fishing down the beach about 200 yards left ,turned around and decided a no go on the fishing for the day.We then drove down to Barnegat Inlet and while eating some snacks sleet started bouncing off my Jeep's hood.Decided we weren't going to walk the jetty ,so we sat for a bit ,turned around and headed down the other side of the island for some chowder and stopped at Fishermen's for a little shopping before heading back to the parkway to come home.


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