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Monday Dec. 22 -- Gift gab and this-and-that stuff

Monday, December 22, 2008:

It’s frickin’ cold out there. I was supposed to do an archeo-dig today. Fat chance – fat frozen chance. I guess we can be thankful (here at the Shore) that we saw none of the frozen slop they had not that far off. Yesterday there were loads of vehicles on Rte. 72 that had goodly amounts of snow this riding along. Even though it’ll mellow out amazingly fast, for me every day lost to the skies is a vacation day shot to shit.

Per usual, I’ve had a number of emails from the gals asking what a good outsdoorsy Christmas gift might be. They hate it when I tell them that theirs is no guessing what that spouse or boyfriend might want – since most are spoiled brats that have already bought just about every little fishing goodie they could possibly want. The gals doubly hate the concept of gift cards, which are truly the best bet at surely hitting the good-gift mark. I do suggested upper-end reels, figuring anyone able to lay out $500-plus for a reel is willing to play in the land of true wish-list territory of the average guy.
Odd angle: I know the economy sucks beyond any measure I’ve seen in my now growingly lengthy life, but I sure see money flowing hyper-freely among those in the circle in which I touch down.

I had one gal ask about an upper-end handheld GPS and actually told her not to waste the money unless her targeted gift receiver truly gets out there in the wilds, a hugely unlikely thing. I did suggest a car GPS instead – which one of you is getting (including installation).

Off-beat gift suggestion on my part was a weather station – a good one with infra-red feeds. Anyone I know who has gotten one lives by it, 24-7.

I always note the usefulness of a tackle box digital camera. That, of course, suits me fully since folks can send photos along with “guess what I caught” tales – and even more importantly they can document those odd once-in-a-lifetime sights (and allow me to out them in here.) Ironically, I was just going though my library of sent-in photos and was once-again astounded by the shot of a hooked thresher shark jumping fully clear of the water (heading skyward like a rocket), clicked by Mark J.

I also have a cherished assemblage of unpublished pics of a mega-yacht literally oozing gorgeous gals, unabashedly in the buff. Those shots were taken out in the shipping lanes. The lushly naked gals were even going out of their was to pose for the understandably shaking lens of the (married) guys taking the digital pics from a smaller fishing boat that was out way further than it should have been – not to mention the guys were way over their head should their wives gotten word of their photographic endeavors. I heard later it was the boat of a “rap singer” and his “posse” doing a video (Yeh, and I’d like to see that video when it’s done – and I don’t even do rap, ‘cept maybe Eminem.)

I already got a fab gift. Something called a Flip Video from Pure Digital Technologies. It’s a vid-cam – and much more. The mere size of a pack of Cigarillos, it shoots up to an hour of video which can be instantly placed into a computer, sent via an email or exported to a blog. Yes, you’ll be seeing it right here (http://jaymannytoday.ning.com) fairly soon. The cool thing is it has essential software contained inside its astounding 2-gig-plus memory. Just to show how much memory that is, my fairly nice computer is only 1 gig. The Flip also has compression capacities that allow footage to be emailed to even slower machines. I have to see how well I can place it on my blogs. It also has very good sound. There is even a high-def model, though that is far more for folks who want to transfer images onto large-screen televisions since high-def would be prohibitively space-consuming when using for communiqués like I plan on.

My sincere sympathies to the many folks I know who have gotten laid off down at Viking Yachts – after the NY boat show failed to garner significant orders. Here’s hoping it’s a short lay-off and you’ll quickly be back to making some of the finest vessels on the planet.

As for fishing, I have a mere thimbleful of stuff, with most folks focusing on holiday shopping and polishing off things at work. This fierce west blow will knock down the surf but likely brown out the water. There are bass there. The last break had folks catching small schoolies damn near by the dozens. Various plastic worked, as did the likes of Rat L Traps. The largest bass I heard of was 26 inches, though I had secondhand info of just-keeper fish – or maybe that should read “just-kept” fish. The wind might also blow water off the Holgate clamming flats, as warmer air moves in by as soon as later tomorrow. I have had no further word on the snowy owls. Many folks want to see them so if any of you hardcore readers still checking this site know where these comely raptors are hanging please let me know. Hey, it’s not like fishing. Giving up a site in this case is to the betterment of nature -- by getting folks to appreciate it and hopefully help preserve it

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Comment by ellymay on December 23, 2008 at 9:36pm
I need a present.... a belly rub! Uncle Jayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy


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