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Getting a tad tired. Nothing much since that near-tornadic gust at 9. Seeing more dry lines on the radar map. Outside is just a nor’easter with some added oomph. If I didn’t know better, I’d say this storm is really going south as it’s heading north. If it’s not losing steam, it sure seems to be noncommittal over what it wants to do next, as it lazily rotates off the Delmarva.


Right now I see no major flooding in my zone of watch – and I can see down to the bay. However, tides play their very own roles, often offstage of the big-act  storm. Over the past 50 years, the worst flooding has most often come after a storm has lain down or moved off completely. It’s the piled up water effect in the bay.


Regardless of wind speeds and rainfall amounts, the ocean has essentially already been wind-packed into the backbay. The next high tide surely means the lowlands have to pay the piled up piper.


I notice that someone very familiar with flooding – he and his family live on a promontory (point) on the bay’s west side – feels things have the potential to go historic. Ray F. writes, "My hunch is that flooding and storm surge could be worse than '92 and Gloria..." 


In case you weren’t here, that 1992 nor’easter registered the highest tides in recent history, technically higher than the Great March Storm. Of course, the 1992 event was a quick one-day onshore ESE wind event. But it surely honked in that short span. When it departed, I got a really cool shot of how bad the ocean eating away at Brant Beach. It’s on Page 152 of the “Great Storms of the Jersey Shore” book. That picture is one of the most reproduced pictures from that excellent publication. However, that day-after was when the bay went bonkers. In fact, the storm was clean gone -- no wind or rain -- when the bay water literally snuck up through the sewers and caught everyone with their pants down and their cars out. The total count of ruined cars was through the ceiling. Again, that shows that aftermath tides can be the killer ones.


Remains to be seen – and surely will be.

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Comment by Surftamer on August 28, 2011 at 5:14am

Thanks, Jay, for the updates...keep 'em coming.




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