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Merry Christmas -- make the best of it

Thursday, December 25, 2008: Waves: 2-3 foot short-period south swell. Water clarity: Brownish; generally poor. Fish forecast: Small bass still in the suds.

Well, it’s Christmas Day so I sure as hell have to get around to my Christmas shopping today, though it’s gonna be kinda tough covering my give-list at either Wawa and 7-11. Still, it’s the thought that counts – and soft pretzels, two at a time, in plastic bags shows a lot of heartfelt gift-giving insight. I fully realize that subs or any kind of heated sandwich are inappropriate gift items, though they do come nicely wrapped. Hmmmm. Maybe I better rethink that inappropriateness.

Here’s hoping this Christmas in one to remember (in a good way, mind you). Most of all, here’s hoping you had kids in the picture -- to insert that Made for Christmas energy.

Get out there and have the merriest holiday season you can muster – and for this one day just sweep all the maddening little stuff under the rug, with loosed gift wrappings and those bows with sticky stuff to hold them in place.

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Comment by eMMster on December 25, 2008 at 4:27pm
Jay, Merry Xmas, Happy Holidays and what not, but come on now... Subs!?!?!??! They swim in the sea! They're called Hoagies! Plain and simple...


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