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May 30 -- Decent weather -- iffy fishing

Saturday, May 30, 2009: Waves: 2 feet; medium-period easterly groundswell. Water clarity: Fair but should be cleaning up as the day goes on. Winds: Brisk offshore this a.m. but still easily delt with by even smaller craft – heading out for ocean fluking. Currents: generally light, non-directional due to direct east swell.

The wind has swung west and the swell has smoothed out. By all appearances it’s going to be decent for fishing, weatherwise. There should be enough stir in the ocean for surfcasters to find some bass along the beach. Yesterday saw a scattered showing of stripers with some larger models mixed in. Boat anglers began to find the mark again off IBSP but not like it was last week. Today could see bunker pods organizing. Bunker pods are not together off Little Egg Inlet northward. Many folks are getting kinda nervous as we approach the first day of June and still no serious spring stripering for boaters. That’s not to say some good rogue bass haven’t been found by the sharpies. It’s just not the wholesale hooking of recent springtimes.

Still plenty of time left in Simply Bassin’ 2009/ Go to www.fishlbi.com to see the leaderboard. A 40-pounder is overdue but the unpredictability of this spring’s stripering could see a smaller fish grab the top dough.

I got a tad of night fishing time in and nabbed a small weakfish (by spring standards) on a bubblegum GULP!. I also had a small bluefish – and thought I might get into them but those fish hit early and zippo after that. Didn’t see much bait (bunker, herring, spearing) either, though I was there at a bad tide. Also didn’t see surface crabs in the numbers I expected. Possibly due to storminess of late. It still looks to be a good blueclaw summer.

Large bluefish are to our north with scattered pods hereabouts. Up in Raritan area there is a 10-pound-plus bluefish with every drop. That tells me the baitfish remain pinned up that way.

Minnows are showing in the backbay but not in huge numbers – where I checked. It’s still best to get to the shops early for weekend bait – or reserve some.

Keep insect repellent handy if you’re bay-ing around. Though winds will be brisk enough to keep gnats at bay today, the westerlies will blow them in from the mainland, which is fully loaded – and sheer hell for me as I worked the last couple days. It is a banner year for the little buggers and the instant the winds back off there’ll be hair-based hell to pay as they attack. The famed and ferocious Jersey skeeters are also having a fine reproduction time with this wet spring weather.


(See www.fishlbi.com)

Spring Tournament

June 5th -June 14th
Over $7500. in Prizes!
Including $2,025. in Cash and
$5500. + in Merchandise
Cash prizes based on 150 entrants
Merchandise Guaranteed regardless of the number of entrants
Entrance Fee - $25 per person.
Entrance Fee also includes refreshments and door prizes at our awards ceremony
Striped Bass 1st - 14th place
Bluefish 1st - 14th place
Weakfish 1st - 3rd place
Optional Pools/Calcuttas for all three species
Tournament Boundaries - All Ocean and Monmouth County waters
Shore only - No boats All entrants will be mailed a copy of our tournament pamphlet and a collectible button in mid-May. Weigh-in stations will include: Bahr's Landing, Barnegat Light B&T, Betty & Nick's, The Dock Outfitters, Grumpys Tackle, Fisherman's Headquarters, Jersey Joe's, L&H Woods and Water, Oceanside, The Reel Seat, Scott?s, Surf City and Surf Side Bait and Tackle Stores. Go to www.berkeleystriperclub.org for rules, prizes, etc. Any questions? Call Paul at (973) 943-8201 or email anglerpmh@aol.com

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