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March 21, 2012 at noon.

The fishermen's rally in Washington DC has been set for two months - it's been two years since the last one, over two decades in the making, yet this historic second rally for fishermen's rights is now just one day away.

As stated in a recent blast to members, Bob Healey, Jr. of the Recreational Fishing Alliance (RFA) writes "on Wednesday, March 21st at noon, thousands of coastal fishermen and small business owners will again meet at Upper Senate Park in Washington DC in an effort to keep fishermen fishing. In a town where two sides seldom see eye-to-eye, the unified efforts of America's fishermen will hopefully set the stage for bipartisan accord in protecting coastal jobs and maintaining access to healthy public resources."

Coastal fishermen and business owners from along every coast will gather at Upper Senate Park Area 2 next to the Capitol building in Washington DC to rally for reform of our federal fisheries law. As many as two dozen respected members of Congress are expected to address the assembled fleet, which in 2010 included somewhere in the neighborhood of 5,000 fishermen.

Those fishermen planning to attend should remember that the rally has been coordinated in an effort to reform Magnuson. At precisely 12 noon, the rally will kick off with presentations by key Senators and Congressmen who are supporting our efforts in the fishing community to add common sense to the federal fisheries law, primarily through passage of key pieces of legislation now being reviewed in the House Natural Resources Committee, most notably HR3061, the Flexibility and Access in Rebuilding American Fisheries Act.

This particular bill would (A) extend rebuilding timelines in certain situations, (B) suspend ACLs and 'accountability measures' for fish stocks where science and data are insufficient to meet the national standards, (C) call for socioeconomic impact reporting when certain management decisions are made, and (D) require the National Research Council to perform another comprehensive review of the NOAA recreational data collection programs and the improvements made since the 2006 reauthorization.

The RFA firmly believes that these pragmatic amendments to the federal fisheries law would help keep fishermen fishing on healthy and sustainable fish stocks, which is something supported by both the recreational and commercial fishing communities.

Click here to familiarize yourself with efforts to incorporate limited flexibility into our federal fisheries law, as well as specific bullet points related to HR3061.

Field Marshalls and Crowd Marshalls (look for the orange hats with the TEAM RFA logo) will be helping coordinate foot traffic between Union Station and Area 2 by the Capitol and will strictly monitoring activities along the rally grounds. If any counter-demonstrators (think PETA, etc.) or hecklers provide a problem, quickly notify one of the Marshalls or find a Uniformed Police Officer.

Do not engage any hecklers or counter-protestors!

Also, please avoid confrontational behavior and remain respectful. If a rally participant or heckler becomes dangerous or overly confrontational, please contact a Uniformed Police Officer.

This is the first time in history that members of the recreational sector are united with America's commercial fishermen in a call for fisheries reform - our differences on gear and allocation will continue in the days ahead, but on March 21, we are united in a call for open access to healthy, sustainable fisheries.

If there is an emergency at any location during the Rally or March, immediately call "911" on your cell phone, or contact a Uniformed Police Officer. An ambulance will be stationed nearby to respond immediately. All incidents should be reported to one of the Marshalls (orange TEAM RFA hats) or a Uniformed Police Officer. Several trained medical personnel will be roaming the crowd with AEDs for possible heart attack victims. Call an ambulance first, then alert one of these people!

No drinking, no profanity, and avoid all confrontation! A peaceful, respectful rally will help us win in DC on March 21, and will ensure a most memorable and truly historic event.

Cleared Items to Bring

Small umbrellas
Water, lunch, hand-carried small coolers
Lawn chairs that you can carry in
Hand Held Signs, wood supports, no screws

Prohibited Items

Tents, canopies
Nothing to sell
Firearms or explosive devices
Nothing to stake in the ground

*All backpacks, purses and bags may be inspected

Signs, banners, and placards are permitted as a part of a permitted activity. All supports for these items must not exceed three quarters (¾) of an inch at their largest point, have dull ends, and made entirely of wood. There can be no nails, screws, or bolt-type fastening devices protruding from the wooden supports. These items may not be used to offer any item for sale, to solicit contributions or contain any form of advertising. Any display of signs, banners, placards, and related items is strictly prohibited inside all Capitol Buildings.

Remember, this event is to help reform our federal fisheries law - keep that in mind when making up your signs.


Keep Fishermen Fishing


Remember, the rally starts at exactly noon on Wednesday, March 21, 2012 at Area 2 beside the US Capitol - get there early!!!

Our legislative champions from the House and Senate will speak first and deserve your attention and support for their efforts to fix our federal fisheries law. No matter which side of the aisle they belong - Democrat or Republican - no matter what issue of mainstream concern they might support or oppose (healthcare, taxes, education, etc.), these legislators who will assemble with you on Wednesday have dedicated their support for Magnuson reform. Cheer them on - and show your support.

At 12 o'clock noon, emcee Ray Bogan will lead the thousands gathered at Upper Senate Park in the pledge of allegiance, along with a moment of silence for the men and women of the U.S. armed services now serving our great nation. This will be followed by a historic rally in defense of America's right to fish, with thousands of U.S. coastal fishermen standing united by a common bond of sea and democracy.

Remember, united we fish.

For rally map and bus information, visit www.keepfishermenfishing.com.

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