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Below is just a few reports now rolling in.  Getting my weekly blog together. Thanks much, folks. 


Hi Jay.  The Reel Trouble caught 8 nice yellowfins yesterday in the canyon.  Local old timers Tom Hamilton and Bill DuBois sr, caught the first and second place heaviest tuna in the BHMTC tuna tourn yesterday. Tom's yellowfin weighed 93.5# and Bill DuBois sr. fish weighed 84.5#.  Old guys rule!  The canyon was alive with whales and dolphin.  I will send you a pic of the old boys and their fish from my phone. billy


jay im not sure if I told you we had 8 tuna total along with those 2 big ones. the other fish were 40-50 #s.  billy reel trouble




Offshore fishing report for Sunday June 26, 2011 


The “No Limits” fishing team ventured offshore in Bob Percopo’s 33 Hydra Sport on Sunday looking for yellow fin tuna with a three man crew of Bob Percopo, Jeff Barnhart and Don Tepfer. Shortly after lines were in the water at 8:15, four rods went down and the team was successful in boating three yellow fin tuna up to 70 pounds – with rainbow spreader bars the lure of choice. Back up on the troll the way way back bird and green machine was hit by a white marlin that was successfully boated and released.  Staying in the same area between the Lindy and Spencer with water temperature at 73 degrees, the crew hooked up again with three yellow fin, successfully boating two up to 60 pounds. With a full canyon bag of five nice size yellow fin tuna, the crew pulled the lines in and headed back to the barn at 1:30 pm after a very successful and fun packed day.



I caught this one on my boat on Wednesday evening along with 13 others I released. The big one weighed in at 52 lbs. 4 oz. and the others ranged from 20-35 lbs., all were caught on bunker and I was the only boat out there due to the severe thunder storms in the area. It poured at times but the lightning was usually off in the distance.

fluke fishing is off to a slow start ,    a trip or two to the commercial docks in barnegat light will show the draggers are doing well.    there are 4-5 of them and they get to take 500lbs a day until the quota is filled -  what ever huge amount that is.
  it surely pales in comparison to what the poor slob of a rod fisherman can catch and keep.     and the dragger kills them all.    if you can find a lump where they haven t been  you have a chance.        so much for all your biomass!!!!  JW

Hello All,

It's been a bit of a wild week, with torrential downpours, golf ball sized hail, fierce winds and even some fog mixed in. But fluke fishing in the bay is picking up right on schedule and there are some quality fish to be had right now back in the skinny water.

On Wednesday I had Audrey and John Wendolowski out with Audrey's dad Walt Tatko, with 86 year old Walt easily ending up as high hook and schooling us all in how to catch fluke up to 21". The captain finally salvaged a little bit of his reputation by topping off the box with a fat 6+ pound flattie that ate one of my custom teasers late in the day. Friday the Greg McGuigan party was in from PA to get in on the action, with John Becker taking the pool with a fat 22" fish before we had to run for cover from the violent storm that struck minutes after we got back to the dock. Don't think I ever fileted fish that fast in my life. Then yesterday I had George Selph aboard, landing three to four dozen fish with four fat ones in the box when we headed back in.

As we have the past couple of years, we've downsized our back bay fluke tackle to true ultralight levels to amp up the fun level in this fishery. With the crazy 18" minimum size limit we're stuck with, most of the fish we catch are destined to be released. But what a blast it is catching them on this kind of tackle, with rods bent in half and screaming drags the norm for even short fish. The past two years, this fishing has held up right through Labor Day so we've got fingers crossed that this year will be the same. I still have a number of good dates available in July for anyone looking to give it a shot. We'll also be doing the usual inshore fluke and sea bass trips, as well as heading out to the Ridge for bonito and mahi, as the summer gets rolling so now's the time to make plans to get out fishing this summer.

Until next week.

Capt. Jack Shea
Barnegat Bay Fishing Charters

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