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June 1, 09: Bites drops off the edge for many.

Monday, June 01, 2009: Waves: Choppy 1-2 foot short-period southerly windswell. Water clarity: very good. Current: Light north to south. Water temps: Low 60s.

Below is a cross section of reports that indicate coolish action. However, I did have a couple verbal reports of some larger rogue stripers in the surf, taken on clams. I’ll check with shops today for weigh-in info.

Hit the water at 5:30 this AM. Stopped, snagged and dropped my way all the way up to the bathing beach. Unlimited bunker, probably too many. Worked my way back to the inlet and tried a few drifts with the bunker along the north jetty on the outgoing. Nothing happening. Did not see one bass hooked up in the sea of boats spread out along IB state park. As I was pulling my boat out along with another boat coming out the guy said he ran all the way up to Lavalette and saw one bass taken in 6 hours of fishing. I guess I should have been there last week. WP


Northeast report:

Fished The Rip from 7 30 am to one

nothing but my friend caught one robin

bunker schools EVERYWHERE but nothing on em

Worked miles of bunker off Little Egg. Nothing on them at all. It was kind of weird. Couldn't draw even a bluefish. When the bass do arrive, they won't go hungry.


What a difference a day makes. I went to the same area I wrote you about and this time couldn't find anything but an occasional bluefish and one suicidal short that took jig all the way down. I did manage to patiently wiggle the jig out and it swam off with no blood showing. Shows what a little extra work can do when unhooking a gut hooked fish.

(Nice release, Lou. I agree a thousand percent on showing that essential patience and light-handedness to allow a fish to swim another day. j-mann)


Jay, No repeat this week. Fished the beach early a.m. and late in the day and spent most of the time just looking around the beach and taking photos. I talked to a woman who I always see walking the beach and she said someone caught a huge bass (her words) a few streets down. Ain't that the way it always goes?

(You must have talked to the infamous "big bass" woman. I kid you not. I can't count the number of reports that include this somewhat older beachcombing gal who tells of a "huge" fish taken just out of sight down the beach -- then when the angler turns around to see where she went, she's vanished. OK, so maybe I added that last part. j-mann)

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