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Saturday, August 27, 2011: 6:45 

It’s just not happenin’ – yet. We’re obviously still far from show time for the more serious sky performances.

I hope I haven’t been needlessly shaking all you alert folks by micromanaging the modest pre-storm sky stuff going on.

Yes, there are already squalls and a fairly steady rain; winds are trying to crank it up as we speak, pushing 30 mph, but with very little gusting, per se. Later on, gusts will be the whole name of the wind game.

All that said, we’re barely out of the lower end of the nor’easter zone. I’m not even remotely implying this is a nonevent. It simply remains an ongoing case of hurry up and wait – and worry your ass off.

You have to admit, this has become the longest arriving storm in history of the world.

One has to wonder if the faster-than-sense Internet and the commercials-driven Weather Channel will, for the remainder of mankind, draw out major weather events, making days-away seem like minutes-away. It’s all a sell, a bit like Christmas – which, by the way, is expected to soon form off the Bahamas, then rapidly intensify before severely impacting the United State’s mainland

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