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Saturday, August 27, 2011: 4 p.m.

Just talked on cell phone with some folks I know on North Carolina’s Outer Banks. They’re getting slapped about by a bitchy but not, as yet, overly menacing Irene. Of course, they’re on real solid ground – and water from the sound is about to come knockin’. The old man of the house (Pop-pop) is not even remotely impressed. He actually lost his oceanfront home in (I believe) Nag’s Head, years ago. He heard that the well-pilinged houses on that ocean road, where he lived, are now totally undermined at this time.

Important: Deaths so far have been drownings (including a male surfer, who hit bottom while riding in Florida’s big Irene-sent waves) and – of local importance – falling/flying tree limbs, at least two separate victims so far.

That falling tree thing looms large on our mainland – ironically, where everyone has bolted to beat the storm. One of the above tree fatalities was not even that big of a tree branch, per reports. Take heed or tree dangers, especially when “just running out to the car” to grab something.

I know this is way-early to bring this up but midway through the storm, things will go calm right before they swing 180 degrees, followed by often the worst of the winds. I’ve seen the winds after the calm (eye) arrive in a single wicked killer blast. Trees and such, weakened by (in our case) the honking easterlies, may be holding on by a sap drop, precariously poised to fly hard and fast on the wings of the arriving westerlies. Antsy inside folks hear the temporary “eye” calmness and venture out, in search of damage and stories to tell – and right in the crosshairs of the storm’s nastier side.

Is anybody reading this hanging out over at either SRHS or PRHS? Please email me with what the crowds are like. Jmann99@hotmail.com

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