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Saturday, August 27, 2011:

1 p.m.: A couple seriously heavy rain bands are hitting LBI. The wind is also acting up, now out of the east at 20 mph and gusty. In fact, it’s as if the storm switch has been hit.

It’s now a bit eerie on LBI. The Boulevard isn’t totally barren but it’s not a good day to have a lemonade stand set up. I have no idea where that came from.

This early showing of rain further points to this storm being a serious flooding hazard. Like many areas of NJ, we’re already up to the gills with groundwater. That 2-inch frog-choker T-storm we had Thursday night has fully filled the sewers on LBI. When the storm surge reaches here later tonight, there’s virtually no ground dispersion potential. A storm surge can often be absorbed, up to 25 percent, if the ground and sewer systems are accepting. They ain’t this go’round.

Note on storm surges on LBI. They are very much bayside oriented and are somewhat ameliorated the further into the bay they travel. The closer to inlet areas, the more pronounced that pre-storm push of water can be.

Yes, pre-storm. A storm surge is on the lip of the storm, so to speak. It actually marks the arrival of the hurricane. In an odd way, it sets the table for what’s to come. It can be a jumpstart to disaster when it comes in at 10 feet or higher. I hear LBI and related bayside areas could possibly see a 6-foot surge, though there are some metrological indications that might be downsized a bit by impact time. An important repeat: The ground is already saturated so that every inch storm surge will likely show above ground – and onto waterfront properties.

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