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Friday, September 30, 2016: It must not be over yet. On the way to work I saw a giraffe blow by ... Boulevard sinking south

Top: They left. Bottom: They stayed. 

Friday, September 30, 2016: It must not be over yet. On the way to work I saw a giraffe blow by. I kid you not. It was red and somewhat deflated; one of those weird kiddy floatation things. It was being fostered across the street by the ongoing 30 mph winds, with yet another couple/few gusts to near 40 mph.

Below: Charlie Nolan

The beaches are getting creamed by highly erosional waves and wind; waves to 12 feet. Worst hit: The wooden walkovers near the Holgate parking lot are being undermined at the east ends. (Wise-ass alert!) Dune grass for planting on Holgate dunes can now be picked up at town hall.

I’m offering a blog-based guess, i.e. blogs are personal opinions anyway, this blow might just work in favor of a Holgate re-replenishment. It's going to absolutely need it ... immediately. Whether such a Holgate re-sanding would be fully at federal expense or take the previously written about federal/state/local payment method remains to be seen. I might make the case that since the current erosion is taking place while the Sandy-related LBI emergency fix is still underway, it would qualify for full federal coverage. I have no doubt LBT will agree. That said, as of today, ACE does NOT have the funding needed for such an extension -- cost override -- of the project.  

Holgate a.m. today, via Jim Mahoney  https://www.facebook.com/jim.mahoney2/videos/10153817275587536/

At noon, there is the expected Boulevard flooding south of Ship Bottom. It’s still only upper end of minor, though bordering on low-moderate at the usual suspect spots. Tonight around midnight could get floodier. "Floodier," Jay?  Midday tomorrow won't be a Boulevard-driving bargain, even if the skies let up a bit. Backed up bay water will flow freely. Merchant’s Mart could be a mess. Precipitation is not a major player in the flooding. 

I don’t have the upbeatness that I had yesterday that the winds will subside by as early as tomorrow. I’m still holding out plenty of hope that Chowda Sunday will slowly become a decent day to taste-test a load of the area’s best clam-based creations. The bugaboo could be lingering midday road flooding, which could make things crazy for the shuttle buses out, Island-wise, to get folks to the event. As of now, all is GO for the chowder side of things.

While I’m hyping this touristy weekend somewhat heavily, I have ulterior motives for egging it on. I know the Chowderfest is the harbinger of flashing traffic lights to come -- by as early as late Monday for all the Island, as road crews, north and south, rush to affect the changeover.

Not that many years back, prior to this pack-‘em-in weekend event, the traffic lights went to blinking something like the first week or two after Labor Day. I’m not ragging on the Chowderfest, per se, but dealing with cycling traffic signals clear into October often seems a bit much – as I sit stopped at a lengthy red light at night … the only frickin’ vehicle on the road.  

I had a couple folks ask me about the terrorist warnings I posted in here yesterday, regarding the Beach Haven Chowderfest. I didn’t make it clear those were not my word but came directly from the event’s website. I fully agree the warnings are warranted. That said, I know those advisories will also be flying for next weekend’s 18-Mile Commemorative Run, jointly presented by St. Francis Parish and the Jewish Community Center. I’ll re-emphasize “the race is dedicated to the 11 Israeli athletes slain by terrorists at the 1972 Munich and the thousands who lost their lives on September 11, 2001,” per event literature. It is obviously highly symbolic in that way.

Here’s a re-show of the Chowderfest alert: Due to events earlier this month and heightened security measures across the country, we are asking everyone to participate in making the 2016 Chowderfest safe and enjoyable by being aware of their surroundings and reporting any unusual or suspicious activities to a patrol officer on duty at the event.

We are advising that attendees refrain from bringing backpacks or bags into the Chowderfest field, if it is unavoidable please be aware that they will be subject to screening and any bag left unattended will be reported to authorities.

The Southern Ocean County Chamber of Commerce volunteers thank you in advance for your cooperation, and are looking forward to welcoming you this weekend.

BUGGYING BANTER: I can’t speak to buggying the front beaches by tomorrow. There couldn’t be a worse "opening day" for all of LBT’s beachfront. Not only will there by radically eroded beaches at every turn but the rapid return of sand after this blow will create horrible sinkage problems -- especially loose berm sand, along with windblown sand covering upper-beach tidal pools common to replenishment. Worst sink I ever experienced was driving into a sand covered tidal pond.

Below is a video of my serious sinkhole misadventure. I can chuckle at it now but I was furious at the time … at my own stupidity. You’ll also see how innocent a bad stretch of sand-blown beach can look – look and learn. Thanks to the friendly folks at Fisherman’s Headquarters I got out unscathed; next tide overwashed the entire beach. Nothing to see after crash ... since I was outside cursing, sans camera.



Events: 2nd Annual Striped Bass Boat Tournament & Family Fish Fry 

Location: Manahawkin Elks Lodge #2340 520 Hilliard Blvd (Permit Number 3994) 

Date:Friday, November 4 – Sunday, November 6 


The Maximilian Foundation is hosting its Annual Striped Bass Boat Tournament & Family Fish Fry to raise funds for our organization. Tournament and Family Fish Fry events will be hosted by Manahawkin Elks Lodge #2340. This is a multi-day event consisting of two parts – the boat tournament (11/4-6) and the Family Fish Fry (11/6). All events open to anyone that would like to come, have fun and support the foundation.  

Boat Tournament 

1st Place $2,000 • 2nd Place $1,000 • 3rd Place $500* 

• Open tournament for boats only. Entry limited to 25 boats. 
• Captain's dinner/meeting begins 6PM Friday, Nov. 4 
• Fishing begins 4AM, Saturday, Nov. 5 
• Fishing ends 12PM, Sunday, Nov. 6 

• Early Entry deadline is Oct. 14  

Family Fish Fry 12PM – 5PM - Open to the public! 

• Fun begins at 12PM. Food served from 1:00 PM-5:00 PM. 

• Adults $15 in advance / $20 at the door 

• Children 12 & under $8  

Family Fun activities for all ages! Volleyball • Horseshoes & MORE! 

Plus, Live Entertainment • Silent Auction • 50/50 Raffle 


To register boats for the tournament: www.theMaximilianFoundation.org 

To pre-register for Fish Fry tickets www.themaximilianfoundation.org/family-fish-fry  

The Maximilian Foundation partnered with Southern Regional School District (SRSD) to fund an expansion of the STYLE (Student Team Building Youth Leadership & Experience) program for the 2016/17 school yearOur 2016 fundraising will allow us to continue and expand this program for the 2017/18 school year. 

 *Prize amounts based on 25 boats entering. If less, prizes will be adjusted accordingly.  

Contact: Don Myers, Board Member, 609.709.3763  

The Maximilian Foundation is dedicated and committed to supporting bona fide programs that work with Children and Adolescents’ insecurities through Counseling, Substance Abuse Awareness and Education. The Foundation’s focus, efforts and mission are to help support those programs designed to strengthen individuals, build character and confidence, thus allowing Children and Adolescents to better cope with life’s challenges, develop strong life skills, and learn to believe in themselves.


Tie up for wide tide swings ... 


Note: SandPaper deliveries for today are running behind due to road flooding. Please be patient. I realize how many arriving weekenders need their immediate SandPaper fix. Stay calm ... until low water times.


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I'm writing an article on tautog habitat and although I have over 50 years of experience hunting them underwater, I would like your input. What type of structure do you look for? Where do you prospect for new tog territory? How do you locate the most productive areas?


Dante Soriente

What a awesome present to walk into today!! Just in time for a lil trek north!!! 
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Comment by Dave Nederostek on September 30, 2016 at 4:25pm

The feds do not pump money into fixing wildlife refuges. That is not part of their mission. They don't do it in Assateague Virginia, Don't look for it here either. That is what I was told by an Assateague federal employee.


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