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Friday, October 18, 2013: Spot shine; Holgate reopened video.

 Friday, October 18, 2013: Well that was a nice lookin’ day. As for it bein’ a nice hookin’ day, I guess it depended on where you were hangin’ your line.

Here’s a sorta upbeat report from Walt P: Just got in from 2 hours of fishing the north jetty on the incoming. NO BLUEFISH!!!  10 bass, 2 keepers, lots of run offs. Spot was the only thing producing. Guys throwing artificials were coming up empty.”

That is surely not the first time we’ve heard that “spot” exclusivity story. Usually, a spot obsession by bass occurs in one those “fishin’ from the hatch” scenarios, however, I sure haven’t seen many spot around of late. Still, bass love them so much that they likely inhale them in a nostalgic way -- even when the bass have to think it’s odd seeing them. It does get a tad depressing knowing the bass saw the artificials being thrown and just weren’t buying them.

You can target small bass this weekend by using clams and float rigs. If you’re intent on bigger models of bass, go with the chunk baits pinned to the bottom. The upcoming low tides allow for a nice read on where washes, troughs and channels have formed since the storm.

I fished a bit down Holgate way. The most I could muster was two solid swipes on larger Wildeyes. No major teeth marks on the plastic, ruling out blues. It was almost positively fluke. Those out-of-season flatties will be caught well into November. I did spend time admiring the very nice near-in shoals forming on the front beach just north of the Rip. That’s the way the shoals were a couple decades back, when you could wade out and bang huge bass and blues with bait and even plugs. Now all we need is the friggin’ fish. Don’t be goin’ big without having signed up for the Classic.

I hiked back and clammed the mudflats. It’s way too overgrown to drive back – by my poor truck’s reckoning. I had a fairly easy pick of the 75 clams I needed for myself – steamers, cherries and middles to add to store-bought, spaghetti sauce, via Giada (de Laurentiis) . What a saucy gal, I mean a saucy sauce. She's OK, I guess. 

Holgate is highly accessible at low tide. Overall, the far south end fared amazingly well. I was stunned as I drove along, seeing little change caused by the nor’easter, not to mention the seemingly rapid rebuilding of the beachline. As I always say, nor’eastered beaches recover very quickly. For buggyists: Here's a boring but useful viudeo look at Holgate today: http://youtu.be/tIFYtTDk3Zc

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