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Friday, October 11, 2013: Hope you have a nice long book to read

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Friday, October 11, 2013: Hope you have a nice long book to read, i.e. “The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich.”

While there is admittedly something serene and cozy about the concept of curling up with a pup, pipe and great read, timeframes can strain that atmosphere.  It now looks like this three-day nor’easter plans on lingering way beyond any invitation. In fact, you know the way a lot of TV shows play and only a couple hours later the channel replay/rerun the same show? This nor’easter has the same schedule in mind. Get this: The low we’ve gotten to know all too well, will most likely get forced southward (by a large high pressure over the Canadian maritime), essentially ending up where it first began, off NC. Then, it will resume its former crawl toward us, before finally drifting slightly and slowly out to sea. The first outside weather system powerful enough to kick out the over-lingering low – way out to sea – won’t come until mid next week, with a strong cold front.  

If you’re one of the 1,000-or-so planning on running the LBI Commemorative 18-mile Run on Sunday, you’re in for a wind-in-the-face treat, providing you’re a masochist -- which many/most distance runners surely are. I say that authoritatively, having been a long-distance runner for decades – off-road much less.  By mile 20, I was pretty well certain I wasn’t torturing anyone short of myself. Oddly, I think back with something mildly akin to fond memories over the high-like aftereffects following my self- excruciating runs in the sandy woods. It was the epitome of that hammer head-hitting stoppage -- “Because it feels so good when I stop.” Right now. it seems Sunday’s runners will be up against a 15- to 20-mph NE wind, per forecasts. However, I actually see a chance for lighter winds right about race time, following howling gusts the night before.

Obviously, the first week of the LBI Surf Fishing Classic was blown away, though the first weekend, beginning tonight, might see some (fool)hardier surfcasters trying the north end suds. I might take a trip up there for a look-see – and maybe a cast or two with a large Danny.  

By this coming week, we should reap the benefits of the storm having cooled the water and stirred up tons of surf clams, always a draw for nice bass.

While it’ll take quite some time for the surf to settle, chunk bait and clam gobs don’t have to be cast that far out – or pinned to the bottom with 12 ounces of lead. Just let a rigged offering roll the bottom until it settles into a hole or washes within the beachline swash.

With even a slight calm down, I’ll be plugging and jigging low tides -- working the leeward (south) sides of any jetties still showing. It’s a bit astounding how few full-blown, fully-exposed LBI jetties are left – ones with enough rock to form a solid lee side, where currents are lighter or circulate.

I drove the beach from Mid-Island to BH again this a.m. and short of some serious blowing sand, the beaches are fine for buggying, though high tide in town (BH) has tested the dune fencing in some areas.

Note: Some buggy entrance areas have fresh sand dunes that will need plowing.

Remember: If you get onto the beach at a passable street, drive a bit, see an “Exit” sign and accelerate to leave the beach, you might very well hit the peak of the exit (with a head of steam) and run smack into a massive sand dune on top. I know, firsthand.  

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