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Friday, November 23, 2012: Boy that was a gorgeous day; some unpublished Sandy videos I took


Boats still trapped on Manahawkin meadows -- far back reaches. These are some very decent vessels that I'm sure are being sought by their owners. Tomorrow I'm going to try to hike back and get reg numbers. 

Here are a few more unpublished post-Sandy videos I took: 


-- North Beach sanded under.


Yellow House down in Holgate.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pOLXlGqXZCQ: Ship Bottom, first high tide ... way worst to come. 

Non-Sandy. Me in the bamboo jungle: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H1SP1LK7J0E


Friday, November 23, 2012: Boy that was a gorgeous day. It couldn’t shine over the existing problems on the Island but a load of folks were still out and about.

Bass are fairly easy to find if you put in the time. I saw a couple fellows bait fishing to no great avail (small stuff) and a kid walked up with a jig and nabbed a keeper in just a few casts. Nothing after that but that is very much the nature of jigging the surf. I still think a hooked fish alerts other fish to its predicament and they bolt. A fish taken on bait is often more confused than it is scared so it’s a little less likely to tip off the crew.

Still lots of work being done on the beaches so check out a street end before you unpack all your gear and walk down -- only to find earthmoving equipment going full-bore. Also, check which direction the plowing is going. Don’t set up downbeach of plowing moving toward you.



Menhaden Comment: “It gets me a little nuts when everyone is worried about their fish haul. Concentrate more on the recent papers which state that there is no benefit to taking the fish oil supplements. At least I thought I 
read that about a month ago.” Ron K.
(I thought I read that also, Ron. The thing is far more menhaden oil goes to the likes of cosmetics. Just try to get women to give up their skin creams. You’ve heard of vanishing cream. They’ll vanish you. 
Closer to the bone, the great percentage of bunker (over 60 percent) goes to the poultry-raising realm. Farmed chickens and turkey are fattened almost exclusively on fish. Kinda weird when you think about it – so I don’t. It does explain the utterly putrid smell around poultry-raising facilities down south. 
The whole menhaden issue remain hot as smoking oil. H. Bruce Franklin documents in “The Most Important Fish in the Sea: Menhaden and America,”  that Omega Protein is singlehandedly depleting the bunkers stocks -- though some independent research has the bunker biomass in a neutral state, meaning it is no further declining – or growing. Those finding have been mis-reported as the menhaden stocks being “sustainable.” Not so. It means the stocks are currently being sustained at a level infinitely lower than, say, 75 years ago. It’s that doubtful “base line” standard used by NMFS and others. Even striped bass are set at a base line not nearly as healthy as historic levels. J-mann)

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