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Friday, November 10, 2017: Might this be the beginning? Early day report ... with partial bass alert ...

Early day report ... with partial bass alert ... 

Friday, November 10, 2017: Might this be the beginning? Below you’ll see the first dang-decent influx of stripers into the Classic -- three fish over 20 pounds. What’s more, there were some take-home non-Classic bass caught on the north end. What’s more, the only beach section I saw even marginally busy was in Surf City. There could be bass a-flow Island-long. Nonetheless, it’s too early to issue a full-blown bass alert, except for the areas where the weigh-ins have issued forth.

The beach bass action is very much bunker-based but I’m betting the waters will become highly pluggable as the last of the turbid water is muscled out from the effects of northwest winds -- eventually going NE, then SE. That SE wind phase will offer real high bassing potential.

With this sudden striper showing, I’m betting we’ll see a well-attended surfcasting weekend, despite the cold and the winds. More folks out and about should offer a better read on how widespread the bass mass might be. I have to think the south end will see stripers, especially from Spray Beach through Beach Haven.

Sorry, but ocean boat bassing will be an untenable war against the winds for today and likely tomorrow. I’m sure there will still be some bayside boat stripering.

There are still small bass galore in the bay, though the west in these winds will make fishing for them more difficult in many areas where it had been a breeze catching them. Once the winds back off, nighttime bay schoolies will once again be ready to offer light tackle fun.

With temps possibly getting into the teens on the Island tonight, this might be a good time to turn off outside showers and such, though I’m risking it since I really need the hose. Also, temps will rebound nicely by Sunday and stay well above freezing throughout the coming week. 


John Graber

There's something very peaceful about surf fishing after all my years...... even when your catching a few shorts
Striped bass aren't the only bass in the world ... 
 Here are the Top 9 BIGGEST Largemouth of ALL-TIME. 
1. Manabu Kurita - Lake Biwa, Japan: 22.311 lb
2. George Perry - Montgomery Lake, GA: 22.25 lb
3. Robert Crupi - Castaic Lake, CA: 22.063 lb
4. Michael Arujo - Castaic Lake, CA: 21.75 lb
5. Jed Dickerson - Lake Dixon, CA: 21.688 lb
6. Raymond Easley - Lake Casitas, CA: 21.2 lb
7. Robert Crupi - Castaic Lake, CA: 21.01 lb
8. Dave Zimmerlee - Miramar Reservoir, CA: 20.938 lb
9. Leo Torres - Castaic Lake, CA: 20.86 lb

See Top 25 here: http://bassfishingfacts.com/bass-world-records/
Lil’ guys in the back on light tackle make me happy - tide dumping off the marshes, jig head and Kettle Creek swing shad, good combo!
Brett Taylor added 5 new photos.
I had return client Ross Alber for his second trip this week and his buddy Ray on a 5hr Striped Bass charter. We started working the backwaters, and hooked 6 fish pretty quickly, keeping 4 for the table in the first 40 minutes of the trip. With the tide negatively influencing the bite, we worked closer to the ocean with both artificials and live bait. The bite was on and the guys hooked fish on every drift, keeping 2 more for the table while releasing 30 to 33 inch fish. With over 2.5 hours left in the trip and a limit of Striped Bass, we worked some of the backwaters with small artificials and poppers. 6 keeper Striped Bass and a great day on the water!

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