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Friday, Nov. 11 -- Skies won't eclipse serious surf casting

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Friday, November 14, 2008: Waves: Still rough. Water clarity: Iffy; turbid in some areas but not as bad in others.

Another wind and rains session has roiled the surf for a rough-water session. Fishing pressure is significant despite the blow and this could be one of the heaviest (most seriously) fished weekends of the season as the Classic goes into its next to last weekend and final week.

Email inquiring about the weekend fishing potential, weather-wise.
“Hey Jay,
I'm coming down from Long Island to my boss' place in Brandt beach this
fri-Sunday. What do you think this weather will bring? We plan on
hitting a bunch of spots north and south… Thanks for the info. Thanks,
Jake R.”
(Right now, I'm looking far closer at the wind speeds more than the sky look. Even after this blow/rain we're going to have to contend with fierce southerly winds, per most weather computers. However, a couple lower probability forecast have the winds calming before going hard west on Saturday night.
When the winds honk, it then comes down to what one is made of. This is the time of year when south winds mean super fishing, both bass and stripers. It also means large waves, wet wind-chills and (most of all) turbid water.
This weekend could be a prime chance for better fish (though not at a speedy clip). Simply bring heavy gear and be willing to tolerate a lot of sinker rolling.
I still believe the best way to fish riled waters is by hand holding rod and reel.
If there is any chance of a bluefish in the upper teens (to near 20 pounds), it will be in the forth from this blow.
Obviously, a south wind is a backing wind when fishing the New South Jetty in B.L. In Holgate, south winds are straight in your face but great for fishing. Hard south winds along the front beaches of LBI are best worked near jetties. Remember, with roughed up seas, you don’t have to cast out that far. A larger (longer) jetty can be fished by laying bait inside the lee waters, created on the north sides when the wind is south. J-mann)

Sundays, hard west winds are typical following winds. They usually mark a rapid decline in fishing success – along with a showing of ugly brownish water. Of course, when there’s as much bait as is out there now, all traditional bets are out the windows. Fish hard and see what salutes. J-mann)

Only one Classic-bound bass and a few blues came out of the wet and wild suds yesterday. That does not mean the fish are gone, by any stretch. The bass should trickle in throughout the weekend, with the likelihood of a few more decent cows to come – though the chances of that 50-lber are getting a tad long shot-ish. The blues are anyone’s guess. They could have easily been thinning out by now but I can see us having a couple more board-covering days, where the Classic weigh-in numbers get long in the bluefish tooth -- as in 40 or more entries in a single spirited slammer day. Last year during this calendar weekend (another very late stay for chopper-types), there were also a load of blues leaving their mark in the tourney. However, back in 2000, there were less than a dozen blues for the entire final two weekends and the week in-between. In 1998, the equivalent weekend (as this one) saw a lone bluefish entered.

By the by, I had blogged about the way blues were strong this fall because (possibly) of the bunker, warmer weather and the famed bluefish cycling. I don’t know how I missed the factor offered by this emailer: “Jay, I recently starting checking out your blog. Very knowledgeable. I used to work as a mate on the bluefish boat Sea Devil, and I always wondered about the bluefish stocks myself. coastwide there seems to be literally millions of big bluefish. Last year I was jigging huge bluefish in early December off NJ, then I did a trip to the Florida keys the next wknd and caught them there all weekend as well. I agree with all of your theories. one I would add is that there are a great deal fewer sharks and bluefin tuna feeding on the bluefish these days as there would have been a century ago, especially Mako sharks. Anyway keep up the good work with the website… Mike A.) .

(Collectors note: I’ve been scoring some decent Red Fins at a fair price. However, the first “02” hues offering came to light at auction (and it wasn’t even a bona fide 02) and went over $30. Eeks. It was boxed, though. Also, If you’re selling any “birds” (decoys), even factory corks and such, please let me know.)

I can see by the fund drive that things aren’t great financially for many folks. I sure appreciate the offerings of those who could send something in. I will keep my blog fund drive going for a bit after the Classic. I fully realize that some folks can’t give every year. Donations from years past have helped keep these reports going. Thanks to those folks, also.

I’m all ears to any winter topics to cover. I will be in the woods for huge stints so Outbacks writings will return. Also, I opened a blog for treasure hunting, though that has been a slow go not because of a lack of writing or TH’ing but because of a book potential based on the blogs that follow my various digs. Still, I get entries in there and will increase them once fishing slows down. That site is http://digtreasure.ning.com.

Blog response: A thumbs up goes out to those fine folks who are seriously into mushroom seeking and tasting. I had some great invites to go fungi finding after I blogged about my interest in such things – and my great hesitancy to go as far as eating ‘shrooms. I hadn’t realized there were entire organizations dedicated to ferreting out fungi.

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Comment by Kyle Krzyz on November 15, 2008 at 8:35am
looks like holgate is going to take beating again this weekend : (


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