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Friday, May 12, 2017: What a bonus day. That means all we have to do now is get through the heavy drips ...

Today's "What the hell did you think would happen?" :

Hamster bounces off exercise ball


"Feed the grouper. Everybody does it. Just spear a fish and dangle it. It's easy. ..."

Goliath grouper bites off scuba diver's fins


Doesn't this guy know that smoking can be dangerous?!

Construction worker lights cigarette with excavator


Found this while doing some attic pull-outs. Quite rare; almost museum material. Still fits ... Yeh, right. I'm pretty sure it was where Sonic/Walmart/etc. now are. I hung out there a lot and still have trouble placing it today.

Friday, May 12, 2017: What a bonus day. That means all we have to do now is get through the heavy drips and gusts (SCA) tomorrow and we’ll be back in the clear to go after big blues and bass, though west winds will be brisk after storm passes, then quieting down by Tuesday. Rest of week will be fishable with a south flow setting up clear into next weekend.

Loads of choppers being taken today. In fact, I went from scarce reports to something of an overflow of mainly bluefish updates ... but also some trophy cow bass, a few closing in on 50 pounds.

Totally unlike the bluefish bodies this time of year, the bass are running bulky, almost oddly fat in some instances. One has to believe it’s the ongoing effect of lots of bunker and, a tad more troubling, a decline in the total number of larger trophy bass, meaning those cows still around are into some easy feasting. Plenty of catch/photo/release of bass being done locally; not quite as prevalent further north.


Apparently, the nearshore bottom of the ocean is bricked in skate. Sure, that’s kinda common right about now but this showing is a bit beyond commonality. On the other hand, dogfish are yet to make much of a showing. Not that I’m egging them on. I just like to keep an eye on the entire marine-life layout.

No blowfish of note.

Interestingly, reports of blues all the way into Beach Haven West lagoons. One fellow, who’s been there forever, says it’s the first time he has ever caught blues off his dock. He’s cool because he fishes for eels in his lagoon – and does amazingly well. Actually, I think he often uses traps but also drops lines in, equipped with  circle hook; problems arise when he leaves a line soaking, untended, and hooks a major eel. If given time, an eel will wrap the line around everything in sight, like every piling in sight and beyond. I hope to do story on this eel angler since he also has an amazing array of recipes for eels, mostly from his old-country Italian grandmother.

LBI speed limits have been lowered in anticipation of the traffic signals coming back on, technically resuming a full cycle, which includes red. That happens May 22.

I’m not being a worrywart type but parents of end-of-year students please keep a close eye on prom/graduation activities. There’s no need to be a spoiler, just show a healthy interest – and offer the caring-parent advice – regarding post-prom and post-graduation goings on, i.e. partying. Like many areas, Southern Ocean County has its share of ugly mishaps related to partying during this super-fun time of year for students. 

++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++Frank Ruczynski

This is not a bluefish. Great evening bite before the storm!


 — with Heather Lynn.


Greg O'Connell 

With a rare off weekend from baseball Dylan thought he was gonna get to rest his arms..... (insert evil laugh here) but little did he know!


Filleting bluefish: Jim McRea

This is for those of you harvesting blues for the table.



Timothy Brindley 

You never know who you going to meet in Barnegat Light. 70 yr. old 

Oleg Aleksander Doba, from Poland. Traveling in a Kayak back to Fla. and returning to Europe to finish his trip. On April 23, 2014 he made his voyage across Atlantic in the same Kayak. 6000 mile journey. He landed in New Smyrna Beach Fla. were he traveled up the coast. Wow. He is here in Barnegat Light at Bobbies Boat rentals and staying at the North End Motel, for a few days until the weather gets better. "Google his name, Amazing story".


Capt. Dave DeGennaro
Hi Flier Sportfishing
732.330.5674 cell

If you want to get into some big stripers you have to read the weather windows. After the messy rain and wind blows through this weekend, the switch to NW wind is already in the forecast by Sunday/Monday. Followed by low velocity and variable winds on Tues/Wed/Thurs/Fri. It looks like from Monday on, it is going to be a nice ocean. This season, that's half the battle. Sure, it would be nice to fish the weekend with some bluebird weather but it's not happening, so you have to "make an appointment" to be in the weather window if you're going to get your big bass. There are 25 to 40 pound plus fish being taken every day from Seaside to Long Branch a few miles off the beach. There is no snag and drop bite yet, so we need to troll with the heavy artillery. Wireline outfits with bunker spoons and braid rods with Mojos. It's a very effective "means to an end". It puts fish on the line, in the boat, and on the table. Pretty soon the bite will transition into snagging bunker early in the morning and then trolling after that but right now it's all on the troll.

The forecast is not so critical when we are staying in the bay to target the bluefish that are here in good size and numbers. We could target either or both in the same day. Catching them every day on lures and bait. Three to fifteen pound fish.

I still have Monday May 15 afternoon available 1PM to 7PM. I am considering using a vacation day on Tuesday May 16 at my day job to exploit the glaringly beautiful weather that is forecasted. Leave at 6AM and return at Noon or later. Sailing again on Tues afternoon. If I am to book Tuesday, though, I need to know today (Thurs) or tomorrow (Fri) morning the latest so I can put in for it. Keep in mind, if you are on the Tues morning trip and I don't have the afternoon booked we are going on SAFARI! As far,and as late, as we have to go to put fish in the boat.Thurs May 18, and Fri May 19, sailing at Noon returning around 6PM.That's all of our availability, the next day we have open is not until Thurs afternoon, May 25.

These dates are available for charter or sign on as an individual and we will make an Open Boat trip. $175 person, 4 people max, all fish are shared. $600 for the whole boat if you charter it with your own group.

Capt. Dave DeGennaro
Hi Flier Sportfishing
732.330.5674 cell


Pallone Supports Potential Compromise on Summer Flounder Cuts


Washington, DC – This week, Congressman Frank Pallone, Jr. (NJ-06) expressed support for a potential compromise between the State of New Jersey andAtlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission (ASMFC) on Summer Flounder Cuts. ASMFC agreed to consider a proposal by the State for conservationally-equivalent management measures for the 2017 summer flounder fishery, and is expected to reach a decision in the next two weeks. In exchange for a 104-day fishing season and the 3 bag limit, the size limit would be decreased to 18 inches. The Commission postponed a decision on that until the next meeting of the Interstate Fisheries Management Program in two weeks.

“I am encouraged by ASMFC and the State of New Jersey working towards a solution that avoids devastating cuts for New Jersey fishermen,” said Pallone. “We need to continue to reevaluate how we manage our recreational and commercial fisheries, and I will continue to work with all parties to protect New Jersey’s coastal communities.”

This week Congressman Pallone sent a letter in support of the State of New Jersey’s appeal of the Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission’s (ASMFC) approval of cuts to the summer flounder recreational quotas  that would harm many coastal communities including those along the Jersey Shore that rely on the recreational and commercial fishing industries. Text of the letter can be found below.

In February the commission elected to finalize regulations that will result in a 34% cut in summer flounder quotas for the state. ASMFC approved regulations that included a 34-percent summer flounder recreational-fishing quota reduction for New Jersey. The bag limit was also decreased to 3 fish, and the minimum size increased one inch to 19 inches on the New Jersey coast and 18 inches in Delaware Bay.

Earlier this year, Pallone and a bipartisan group from the New Jersey Congressional delegation 

sent a letter to U.S. Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross regarding the Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission’s (ASMFC) vote to approve devastating restrictions on New Jersey’s fishing community. The Congressmen asked Ross to delay any reductions or changes in summer flounder fishing quotas until a new stock assessment can be completed and a new approach can be crafted.


Pallone has long been a supporter of fisheries and the economies of coastal communities. He Appeared appeared before the Mid-Atlantic Fishery Management Council to reiterate his opposition to NOAA’s quota reductions because of the harm they would cause New Jersey coastal communities. Pallone and Senator Booker sent a letter to NOAA Fisheries about its proposal to reduce the ABC recreational and commercial quotas for summer flounder in 2017 and 2018. The New Jersey lawmakers requested that NOAA Fisheries postpone any decision on reducing summer flounder quotas until it conducts a new benchmark summer flounder assessment. 


May 9, 2017


Jerry Postorino

Nothing like busting my ass every year to have my fluke season completely booked only to get 20 days chopped right off the end of our season... Pretty simple math @1400 day... seabass closed too... leaving nothing for us to even fish for.. From Sept - Nov might as well b winter... I don't care what group u are a part off.. how great of a person u are, how good u can crunch 
#s , how many meeting u went to for how many years... at the end of the day it's a failure... over n over again a big F+×!kin failure. Forget giving money to groups where the same stubborn people act like they knows all will get shit done. The next fund we can create is save the charter n party boat fund for 6 the months we have nothing to fish for.


Al Ristori

Fished Wednesday afternoon with Capt. Erwin Heinrich and mate Dillon Chayes on Scales N Tales from Twin Lights Marina in Highlands -- along with an all-star crew of Jim Hutchinson and John De Bona from The Fisherman magazine plus Jerry Gomber of Folsom. Made the run south into a SE wind to where trollers were picking bass from the long-awaited coastal striper run. I got one shot on a live bunker to catch my largest-ever first striper of the season -- a 45-inch, 39-pounder that ended up hooked toward the rear of its body with the point barely under a piece of skin. The hook backed out as soon as it was boated. Jerry later jigged and released about a 40-incher on a Tsunami Deep Shad.

Ive had dreams of catching big fish in my moms back yard! Finally happened.
Need to get a bass next!


Melisa Missy Fillman


Found a whopper today 43lbs 50"


Fishermans headquarters getting another order of Mojoes and Bullethead bucktails!! Greg CudnikDaniel DiPasquale


Surf city Bait and Tackle getting more filler bucktails !! Go check out there in house tourneys big money!!

Below is a pinfish pic from down south a bit. over the past cascade, these have become more and more common bayside, LBI. Taken with castnets. 

Fish ID please
= ===============================================================================================================

Alex Majewski 

I just got off of Sedge Island, located on Barnegat Bay behind Island Beach State Park, after spending Thursday overnight into Friday with some of my AP Environmental Science Students. Sedge Island is rich in history. An over 100 year old hunting shack has stood the test of time and weathered every coastal storm Mother Nature has thrown at it. Babe Ruth stayed at Sedge and it is without any doubt it is the pillar to which Ospreys and Peregrine Falcons have made a historical comeback after the detrimental effect of DDT which was banned in 1972. And it was one man, Pete McLain, who had the vision and determination to bring these birds back from the brick of extinction. Knowing that hunting and conservation could co-exist, it was Pete who had the name of the New Jersey’s Departmental of Environmental Protection’s Division of Fish & Game name changed to Fish & Wildlife. Pete is no longer with us, but his legacy is remembered every year with when from the wintering grounds of South America the first Ospreys returns to Sedge Island in March. Thanks Pete! Now with the fishing report. It was great to see my students get into some of the bluefish action today. They landed a handful of blues from 2-4 pounds, broke off one much bigger, and landed a schoolie bass. I had Paul Karner out earlier in the week flyfishing with no success. Seems like the 40 deg nights put the blues off a little. With the full moon passed us the big bass are starting to show up off the beach. All we need is a little warming of the ocean to blow the bite wide open. I have some magic hour dates open later in the week as well as Sunday May 21st.

Screaming drags,
Capt. Alex


Where are the Fluke, 50 knts of northerly for Saturday night.


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