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Friday, June 17, 2011:


The winds, which had been kinda kind of late – and will be forgiving through much of the blistering upcoming summer – have kicked it up a big notch. It’s honkin’ out of the south and stirring up a small south wind swell. This could get some bass closer in. It’s not helping the bunker pods searching.


The fluking will be inside the bay -- and even in the surf. After writing about some folks having luck with better fluke in the surf, a couple folks tried it out and though they didn’t bag anything big, they had such a blast they’re heading out again today. One fellow caught 9 surf flatties, one keeper, using a white Corky jighead tipped with squid and spearing. Today he wants to try live killies and squid strips, though it could be a lot tougher side-arm retrieving with the blow. I also had a fall-like tale of a “huge” fluke going for a mirrored swimming plug. It was lost in the swash but two folks saw it and said it was massive. The hooker even asked if it might have been a ray but I sure haven’t heard of a ray going after a swimmer but, then, I’ve simply never plugged a ray in the suds, doesn’t mean it’s not a possibility.


How about this ongoing whale show? A couple emails and phone message indicate there are multiple whales very near shore, two seen off south Beach Haven and Holgate.


I was asked if these near-in whales could ever be dangerous to humans. Very seldom – though you more than know it if that “very seldom” comes down on you like tons of bricks. Obviously, when a mom is protecting a newborn calf, all bets are off the “very seldom” table. You-Tube also vividly shows some seemingly unprovoked attacks on boats by male whales. In that case, it could very easily be a showing of whale macho, a pent-up exasperation with humanity in general (Moby Dick syndrome) or even a bizarre bit of horsing around – in a teen whale way. Best bet is to follow federal law and steer well clear of whales.




I’ve finally shed one of my three jobs (until fall) so I hope to not on fish a tad more but also get in here more often. I do want to note that my main purpose in here – frequent fishing updates – was meant to spike the shops to turn up the website thing. And have they ever. I now try to throw out blogs with a more “out there” angle and info. Of course, come fall, I’ll have my finger on the fishing pulse real-time. It’s daily blogs-plus come then.




On the disturbing front, I got info from three (pissed off) sources that they’ve been ripped off. Here’s another report via Fisherman’s HDQ.  

“Someone or a group is targetting fishing gear on LBI. Keep an eye on your gear.  Just a heads up. There were also rods stolen from a truck on 9th street yesterday also. This is from a SOL member about his friends loss:

Case 1:  My friends gear was stolen off of the front of his rig. His rig was parked @ 9th street in Barnegat Light. He lost an older model All Star 2pc with a calcutta reel, and his 2nd set up was a 11 1/2 foot Lami one pc (White) the blank is all white. The All Star blank is no longer made. Both rods had custom wraps.

Case 2:  Bad news today. Upon returning to his truck at 9:00 Am this morning ----- discovered that some one had stolen his fishing rods and reels from his roof rack. He was parked in the Barnegat Light parking lot.


Please keep an eye out for these rods on the beach and on buggies. 2 of them are Joe Miani rods. Here are the ID characteristics . 2 @ 11' Lamaglass Conventional rods, with cork handles, dark wrappings, LBIFC logo and his name just above the handle. Each had 400 "Gold" Calcutta 400 reel on them. 1 other rod is a Lamaglass 8' 6" conventional with a silver 6500 Ambassador reel (unfortunately no ID markings).
All LBI police departments are aware of the theft.

Keep an eye out for a Joe Miani rod with tape covering his name. If you spot the rods call police immediately, don't confront the person directly. Also keep an eye out for the equipment on the Internet and at flea markets. Lastly, please let your friends know to keep a look out.
Mike W”



A call I had on my answering machine was not Mike. It was from the south end and was the proverbial “from the rack” theft from a fishermen who had stopped by a friend’s house for a quick chat. If that caller would be so kind, please give me a call back. Your phone number was garbled.


I hate when it comes to this, but it might be smart to place some identifying marks (initials or such) in a hard to see place on rod and reel. Something as simple as three or four consecutive hot pin marks are enough of an identifier when you come across an item identical to the stolen one. I know a fellow who takes off the reel spool and uses metal ink pens to write his name on the underside of the spool.


And don’t think for a minute rip-offs are masterminds. From reading hundreds of police reports, I wouldn’t put it by a dumb-ass thief to be found fishing stolen equipment right in the area where he stole it. (Yes “he.” With no fear of being labeled sexist, the theft of fishing gear is a man thing – in a not overly good way.)


Important: Just because you find your stolen goods in the hands of a stranger doesn’t mean that’s the thief. I was called once to do a story of an angler who found his ripped off rod and reel being fished on the beach. Turns out the clueless fellow with rod in hand had grabbed it from the garage of the rental he was at. I helped backtrack to see who the homeowner was and why he had stolen property. Get this: He had bought it at a garage sale (confirmed) only a few blocks away – and less than a mile from where it was stolen. See above mention of dumb-ass crooks. Further backtracking, we hit a dead end, as the renters of that house had moved away. 


Both myself and Kurt H. have been badly ripped off by being too trusting. That trusting thing is an LBI thing from the past.


I once took off after a kid (younger) who had pulled a rod/reel from my truck’s rod rack. As he rapidly lost ground to my pursuit, he dropped the gear – further motivated by some choice wordage about what I was going to go when I caught him. I could have easily caught him but I foresaw an eventual mixing up with his parents – who would never believe little Johnny would try such a thing.




Surf City beaches are being replenished and will likely be a-work until after July 4. It won’t overly impact angling over-all, except for those street-enders in the borough. To them, it’s not only a bitch when the work has their streets closed off for heavy equipment but also, post-replenishment, when it once-again comes down to walking the equivalent of a country mile just to reach the water’s edge. I see

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