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Friday, January 25, 2013: House update



Above: Anyone succeeding with having their boat damages covered by insurance? (Top) Surf City hours after Sandy. (Lower) Unknown pileup. 

Friday, January 25, 2013: Many folks hate it when I put the Mann kibosh on a potential snow event but -- flash! – the frickin’ sky truly doesn’t give a rat’s ass about what I’m sayin’. Hell, I totally blew that 2-inch snowfall the other night. I stepped out the door and afforded the famed “WTF!”

I actually have my eye on a far easier to predict prize: mildness.

Tue Jan 29

Partly Cloudy


Wed Jan 30




The seeming warmth, will finally allow my contractor, Mike Farrington, to make a move on my demo-ed – spookily damaged -- bathroom. That’s a tough fix since it means shutting off water for a few days. I’m still staying in-house so I’ll have to semi-relocate.

After a new bath and beyond (toilet and vanity), I’m left with only non-life-altering post-Sandy repairs, essentially aesthetic tweaks. Not that I’ll be free of her by any degree but at least I’ll be far further along than many/most storm-ravaged folks, still waiting to get word about insurance money to come.

Above: Facebook photo by Sean Oler

(Above) My watery home: 

There remains the unslight matter of my destroyed backyard artwork area; easily a couple gran in lost power tools. You know flood things were bad when you lose a diamond wheel tile cutter. Those things are meant to go through hell – and high water. In fact, they have a water reservoir and are often soaked to the core. My sanders, though sorta tough, didn’t stand a prayer. I plugged one in after the flood and it made this bizarre dying sound – and followed suit. Since this was all stuff for artwork, I’m hoping to apply for some assistance from an art coalition that has collected emergency funds for just such starving, semi-drowned artists.

I might have mentioned this before but it’s worth repeating. There are some very significant Sandy loss “outs” through, of all folks, the IRS. I’m going to a lecture at the Island Library (Central Avenue; Surf City/Ship Bottom line) at 7 pm, Monday. The speaker will explain what in-house (hopefully backyard) damages can be claimed on this year’s tax returns.

I am hugely against tapping the government for bucks but I’m kinda fighting for my LBI life in many ways, as are many others.

I’m stunned at the number of (pardon my French) fuck-it folks, who are saying just that and are selling their homes, as is, and are abandoning the LBI ship. Some of those are year’rounders. I’ve even tried to persuade a few locals from bolting but after they explained the numbers to me, I can’t blame them.

I haven’t gotten word on how well – or piss-poorly – any boat owners have done collecting on damaged or destroyed vessels. I only know of one fellow who had taken my advice about how well I’ve been treated by Geico and went with them just this summer. He all but scored a new vessel. Now don’t go crazy on me if Geico shafted you. He’s just one happy customer – who applied for damages almost before the storm ended. I’ll be another by noting that Geico helped me immensely with my ruined truck. I just got a check from them for truck “damages” – above and beyond helping find another truck -- and I was gloriously stunned with the amount. 

    Twisted up 3 CTS jig rods today all camo grips. a 5'6 50-80, a 5'6 80-100, and a acid wrapped 7 ' 80-100 conv.
    Twisted up 3 CTS jig rods today all camo grips. a 5'6 50-80, a 5'6 80-100, and a acid wrapped 7 ' 80-100 conv.


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