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Friday Aug. 26 -- Unanxiously waiting

Friday, August 26, 2011:

Very nice day, thank-you very much. A spattering of people on the beach and few out waveriding, mid-Island, before being chased ashore by beach patrols (only doing their job). The waves are a very rideable three to five feet, fair conditions – but doubt tell anybody I told you so.

The reason we’re not getting bombarded by bomboras (that’s an old Australian expression for huge waves) is the famed Cape Hatteras wave-catching lay-of-land. Hurricane Irene, as big-assed as she is, remains pretty much tucked in the Gulf Of Georgia. No such place, per se, but if you look on a map it sure resembles a gulf, twixt the easterly tip of Cape Hatteras down to northern Florida.

Regardless, the waves will soon be arriving, big-time. As will the wind. And, very most of all, the rain. This storm is lining up to be a flooder, especially if it tracks a bit more over the land and hits the hills of eastern Pennsylvania. That collision acts to rapidly wring all the moisture out of the clouds –and one thing you don’t want is a tropical system having all its water wrung out in short order.

There have been some snarly moods flying about. I got a near hysterical call from some guy enraged that the Ship Bottom boat launch was charging to remove vessels. I, at first, felt for his plight but there always another side, especially to a one-sided story. When I went down to check, nobody there was put-off by the fee. Also, many/most folks there had duly-purchased annual passes. Throwing open to gates to anyone to a pull a boat would mean these properly papered folks could find themselves behind a caravan of folks who conveniently – and cheapskately -- sidestepped going through the proper procedures. Something profoundly unfair about that, eh?

I did see edginess sneaking through with a police call between neighbors, engaged in a heated argument over the lawn furniture one of them was going to leave out in the storm. Per the LBTPD, dispatcher, one man threatened to throw the furniture into the bay. My wise-ass reaction: Why the hell even threaten to throw the furniture into the bay. Just covertly chuck it in and claim the wind and/or passing gypsies did it. That said, and a helluva deal more important, I’m going to get a tad technical here. By law, you are actually always responsible for, well, your stuff, even the frickin’ ice that accumulates on your car in winter. That ice blows off and smashes another vehicle, causes an accident or crushes a pedestrian and you’re in the legal bull’s eye. That applies to, say, that lawn furniture. If it takes off in a storm and winds up going through a costly storm window of a nearby house, you might very well be paying the repair piper. But how would anyone know? Firstly, I’m sure you’re taking insurance photographs prior to this storm, right? Make sure to include surrounding properties with objects that may end up embedded into your home. 

Now, let’s get this party rollin’! No, I’m not being indifferent to the dangers or morbidly anxious to see mayhem, though I now know what he looks like via those commercials. Crap like this storm just totally fouls up me love of normalcy. An unrocked boat allows me to do all the cool stuff I like to do – and I’ll be the first to admit that stuff is often wild-and-wooly. All this modification of daily behavior is a royal wrench in the my works. Let’s get it the hell over with and return to the golden days of, say, last week – pre earthquake, that is. By the by, I’m willing to go for a trifecta of sorts. If we were to get a tornado next week, that would be oddly cool as all get-out.

By the by, for you boomers, last night’s thunderboomers, combined with the quake and upcoming hurricane, finally gives us the long-sung “hurriquakes and lightning,” aptly noted in Credence Clearwater Rivival’s “Bad Moon Risin,’” 1969. Geez, I hope that’s not another sign of end times.

I have no word on when the eastbound traffic will be stopped. I’ve gotten over a dozen calls and emails on it. I believe the evacuation has gone so smoothly that the PDs might not harp on that initial 4 p.m. time frame for stopping incoming traffic -- though I’d make sure to keep the emergency pass close at hand if doing a quick mainland trip today.

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