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Friday April 5, 2019: Initial walkabout in burnout zone ... many causalities (Warning: A couple graphic shots!)

A trip into the black forest ... 

Had to pull out my rough-ride aluminum bike for this rideabout in the black forest ... 

As expected, the wildfire was a fullblown burner in many pygmy pines zones. Among the DOA deer (I only show a couple below) there were live ones wandering about for some reason. They had obviously found refuge in non-burn zones but are returning to areas fully lacking any edibles. It surely seems they're bemoaning lost grounds and possibly seeking those missing. In checking out the DOAs, it was wrenching to see how close a couple had come to unburnt areas, likely overcome by smoke before they could travel even 50 yards further. 

Below: Not this pygmy's first fire rodeo ... 

Below: The burn was thorough ... through and through.

Below: Already signs of survivors. Moles/voles/mice have already broken through the blackness, while tiger beetle larvae have piled up new sand from down deep. Pine cone seeds are what wildfires give birth to. 

Can you see the life between the burnt trees??? ... Deer's camo coloring not much good in this blackness ... 


Below: The burn was hot and ground-level even in wet area, as swampy vegetation also ignited. 

Below: Numerous signs of past camp fires/bonfires ... and old deer feeding methods.   

Below: Old trails showing amid the new blackout. 

Now to those that kicked the bucket ... 

Graphic. No kids. 





Below: Turkey buzzards were already working on this larger deer, as can be seen by the reddish forest floor detritus stirred up ... and the feather. 

Below: Smaller whitetail ... less than a stone's throw from unburned ground ... 

Below: This might not be a fire victim fox ... or it might have been in a high fuel area of the fire for a lengthy time. 

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