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Was on the island today looking at a job for a customer and of course I brought the gear along. I actually fished yesterday in the wind and caught zero. Water looked better today despite the honking south wind, so I gave it a try in the mid-island surf.
It was lock and load fishing from the get go. As soon as my baits hit the bottom, I had a double header of bass, a 38 and a 29"er. I kept the 29 and released the bigger one. I reset and bam, another double header. A 31 and a 34". Kept the 31" for my fastest limit of stripers, probably ever. It took about 8-10 minutes! Caught three more, two were just short.
Fish were eating clams and frozen bunker. Didn't matter, they were hungry. I also noted my casts were very short, right behind the shorebreak. I'll be at it the next few days, so I'll give you a shout later.

Joe H

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