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10:00: Quieted down drastically out there. Winds have momentarily dropped to maybe 45 mph. Virtually no rain right now, as a dry line passes through.


As the name implies, a dry line is a break in the moisture as it warps around a powerful low. These can sometimes cause a near breakdown of a storm’s circulation.


Conjecture has it dry lines form when a section of circulation around a low drops so much of its load (as rain) that it hasn’t got anything more to give – for the moment. The circle of moisture is broken. It takes time to fill in. That tells me that areas like western Jersey, Philly, Wilmington and such are getting absolutely drenched – serious inch-age.


Tuckerton has sections along Rte 539 without electricity, very near the high school. Electric company is a tad busy for some reason or another. Slackers. (Just kidding! We might very well need those guys.) 

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