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Dec. 1, 08 -- From across the wires ...

Here are some across-the-wires stories worth a read:


A father-son fishing trip turned deadly Sunday for a Long Island man who was pulled under the water by an anchor rope as his panicked son watched helplessly.

Marty McMillan, 51, of Wantagh, drowned in the choppy waters 12 miles off Montauk Point.

"My dad's in the water!" McMillan's 17-year-old son, Cody, screamed as he raised rescuers with a desperate Mayday radio call.

"My son is completely distraught," Cody's mother and McMillan's ex-wife, Susan McMillan, told the Daily News Sunday night. "They were very, very close. They did everything together. He [Cody] was his pride and joy."

Coast Guard officials said Cody McMillan radioed his desperate Mayday call about 9:30 a.m.

Fishing boat Capt. John DeMaio responded to the call from about 100 yards away and helped pull McMillan from the chilly, 52-degree water.

"His son, Cody, shot a flare gun and then called the Coast Guard," said Roger Brevet, another fisherman. "On my radio, I heard his son in a panic."

DeMaio had already started cardiopulmonary resuscitation by the time a Coast Guard boat reached the scene.

McMillan was taken back to shore, where he died at Southampton Hospital.

Cody McMillan and two of his friends were rescued from his dad's 30-foot fishing vessel, the Xiao Mu Ji, whose engine conked out when the anchor line got snared in the propeller.

Officials said Marty McMillan, who was not wearing a life preserver, was tossing the anchor in the water when its line got tangled around his leg and dragged him overboard.

Two fishermen drowned inside their boat after it capsized amid roiling swells off the coast of Half Moon Bay on Saturday. Their bodies were found several hours later after the vessel was located by searchers and towed back to the harbor.

The gruesome discovery ended a daylong search for the two men by U.S. Coast Guard boats, a helicopter and several private craft. Rescuers found the boat floating upside down and assumed the two men had escaped as their Grady-White fishing boat overturned in rough seas outside the Pillar Point Harbor. But that was not the case.

"It's very unfortunate, very tragic," said Coast Guard Lt. (j.g.) Lauren Kolumbic. "It was not the resolution we were hoping for."

The tragedy began early Saturday, when the owner of the boat, David Tien, 47, and his cousin, Jim Hsu, 45, both of Milpitas, left Pillar Point Harbor, where the vessel had been berthed for the past three months.

Tien was an experienced rough-water fisherman, according to San Mateo County sheriff's officials, but he had fished in that particular area only three times.

"This is a new boat, a 22-foot fishing boat," said sheriff's Lt. Ray Lunny. "There were large swells, 12- to 14-foot seas, coming from the north, and there had been small-craft warnings. There are often some really rough seas out there."


(Any doubts about what murderous scum these terrorists were ... )

MUMBAI: The group of 11 terrorists involved in the Mumbai attacks had boarded a fishing boat near Karachi in Pakistan five days earlier, a senior Forces that tackled terrorists|

According to the investigation, the terror group loaded their arms and ammunition and boarded the boat Nov 21 from a location near Karachi, said the official who declined to be identified. All the terrorists - in their 20s - are said to be members of the Lashker-E-Taiba (LeT), he said.

… The group seized an Indian fishing boat, Kuber, from Okha on the Gujarat coast in the Pakistani territorial waters, attacked four of the fishermen-crew, killed them and dumped their bodies in the sea.

The terrorists then asked the ship's captain Balwant Tandel to take them to Mumbai, the investigator said, adding that all the while they continued to receive instructions on their satellite phones.

Around three nautical miles off Mumbai coast, they pounced on the captain and killed him too. Tandel's body, with his throat slit from ear to ear was recovered last week by the Coast Guard.


THE secretary of Exmouth's top fishing club has apologised after a dog swallowed a fish hook - but warned owners about letting their pets run free near anglers.

Last week dog owner Kirsty Sheppard appealed to fishermen to dispose of their fishing tackle more carefully after her one-year-old border collie Willow swallowed a hook on Exmouth beach - and needed a £680 operation.

Simon Boeree Secretary of Exmouth Sea Angling Association, one of the oldest sea angling clubs in the South West, said that it appeared Willow had come across a carelessly discarded or lost fishing rig:

"I am also a sea angler and please let me assure Willow's owner and all beach users that no responsible angler would consciously discard hooks on the beach.

"On behalf of the Exmouth Sea Angling Association and all responsible anglers I can only apologise.

"While one stupid individual's careless management of their fishing gear ended up with Willow undergoing painful and expensive surgery, I hope beach users don't tar sea anglers with the same brush."

He said he always knew where everything was when fishing and always took his equipment home with him - but on the rare occasions tackle was lost, hooks normally ended up stuck fast on the sea bed before disintegrating quickly in salt water.

Anglers, he said, generally did their utmost to keep bait and tackle away from dogs but added a cautionary note: "On occasion dog owners seem to have little control or concern for their pets when near anglers and the unwary fisherman frequently finds 'Fido' delving deep into their tackle bag or bait-box devouring everything in sight while their fishing gear gets urinated on.

"I know dogs are dogs but owners need to be a little more aware of the potential canine dangers lurking in anglers fishing gear.

"That said the discarded hook Willow picked up should never have been there.

"Wishing Willow a quick recovery and sincere apologies from all responsible sea anglers everywhere.

Here’s a piece from the Cape May Herald:

What angler can’t use a new shirt, hat, or bag of lures? These gifts are always useful and appreciated, but if you are looking for something a little more creative, check out these ideas.

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• (fish gifts 1) Fishing lure computer mouse—A clever item from crazyfisherman.com. No software or installations required, just plug it in USB / PS2 connection, $20.95.

• Fish Finder Watch, $139.95 from Hammacher Schlemmer—Lightweight floating sonar sensor attaches to your line and transmits real-time views of fish within a radius of 75 feet to the watch like display unit, lifetime guarantee.

• Personalized Fisherman Magazine Label, $29.95 from Last Laugh Gifts—Email a photo of someone holding a big fish and a personalized message.They'll create a USA Fishing Magazine label. Looks like a real cover.

• Emergency Cell Phone Charger by Totes. No car or tackle box should be without one. Never be faced with a dead cell phone again. Works with Motorola, Nokia, Sony Eriksson, Samsung & LG phones, BeltOutlet.com, $14.95.

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—Compiled by Carolyn Miller


YARMOUTH, N.S. -- Hundreds of lobster boats returned to port throughout southwestern Nova Scotia on Monday as discontent over low prices turned into a spontaneous strike, at least one road blockade, and calls for wider civil disobedience.

Fishermen set up blockades on a busy street in Yarmouth and were threatening to block highways in the area, as well as truck traffic to the ferry in Digby, N.S., to protest the roughly $3 a pound they are getting for their catches.

"It's not even feasible for us to even think about trying to work with that kind of price," said Ashton Spinney, a longtime fisherman and chairman of the management board for lobster fishing Area 34.

"The $3 price is just not acceptable. We just can't function at that. There's just no way of paying your bills."

Spinney estimated that at least three quarters of the 972 licence-holders in the region were refusing to fish by midday with some areas not yet reporting.

He said fishermen began talking on their radios early in the day about a strike and it quickly became a reality.

"It was spontaneous (and) one after the other, it just seemed to mushroom," Spinney said. "The price is way too low. We have to go home."

The retail price of lobster is currently between $8 and $10 a pound and Spinney estimates that fishermen need to get between $4 and $5 a pound from buyers to just break even.

He said the falling price of fuel has not affected diesel the way it has gasoline and it's simply too expensive for licensed fishermen to cover those costs and pay their crews.

Harold (Junior) Theriault, fisheries critic for the provincial Liberals, accused the Nova Scotia government of sitting idle despite warnings of a crisis in the fishery.

"This disaster has been on the horizon for some time now," he said in a statement.

"The entire lobster industry and our coastal communities are now in turmoil."


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