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Buggy down -- but how far out?!!!!!!

Buggy down -- but how far out?!!!!!!

I didn’t publish this story at first hoping to get more details – but have been too busy to make calls to the authorities down that way. Please read my commentary after the story.

OCEAN CITY - Two surf fishermen were rescued from the water near Corson's Inlet State park at the southern end of the resort after their vehicle went off a ledge caused by erosion and plunged into the ocean.
When police arrived following a call to 911 near midnight, they found the vehicle almost completely submerged.
One of the victims was able to remain close to the vehicle and was immediately pulled from the water by rescue personnel, which included Ocean City Fire/Rescue Units, New Jersey State Police Marine Unit and United States Coast Guard.
The second fisherman had drifted approximately 200 yards off shore. He was subsequently rescued by the emergency personnel on scene. Neither subject was injured.

The two fishermen told rescuers they were driving on the beach looking for a good location. The weather conditions were extremely foggy and they were unable to navigate the unfamiliar terrain.
The vehicle was left at the location until daybreak when it could be towed from the waters edge.

(This story is, at first, not fully out of the ordinary to me. Those cutaways (drop offs) have long plagued buggyists – add fog and the recipe is right for a rollover/dip/depression. The thing that gets me both wondering and questioning is the article’s mention that one of the fisherman had “drifted 200 yards offshore.” Sorry, mate but that’s Deadsville. Frigid water, no survival suit, two football fields distance out at sea? You can kiss the baby, you ain’t survivin’ that, take it from a surfer, former lifeguard and former water rescue diver. I’m guessing that should read he had drifted 200 yards down-beach. I can picture someone getting rolled along in the suds for a goodly distance.
Anyway, this is yet another warning tale for buggyists working the night time surfline.

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Comment by Kyle Krzyz on November 22, 2008 at 6:59pm
Wow what a story
Comment by ellymay on November 24, 2008 at 4:14pm
I'm scared Uncle Jay.


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