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April 9, 2011 -- more bass from the bay




Saturday, April 09, 2011:

The bay continues to produce keeper bass. In fact, they’re being distributed. A buddy of mine had a fate 29-incher left at his tool shop. I got an email that Manahawkin Bay is happening even outside the famed night spots. I’ll be giving it a go later tonight. Little Egg Harbor also has fish, especially the (few) holes within the ICW. 

Watched some folks fishing under the Rte. 9 bridge over Bass River. Guess they were perching. Didn’t see anything caught but it was ideal conditions just to be out there.

I did some digging down New Gretna way. Found a few corker bottles and a very odd brass Atlantic City permit dated 1898. It was for – how weird is this? -- a “one horse huckster.” No, you’re thinking of the newer meaning of huckster; today defined as a shifty rip-off-type person. Back then, it simply meant someone who sells small items, quite legally. In this case, it was someone who sold fruits and vegetable out of horse-drawn cart. In fact, that was consistent with the once-farming area where I was digging. I picture a farmer taking his goods to the one place where there was decent money: AC. The big time. The other odd part of the find was the fact that someone had made it into a door handle plate, with a skeleton key opening.

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