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9:00 : OK, we finally got the look, feel and rock of a bona fide ‘cane. It’s an oddly apocalyptic read, but the last squall rocked this building exactly like the earthquake of old, i.e. last week. I’m thinking 60 mph in a gust. The lights flickered but held their ground.


ALERT: A tornado warning is effect for this area – Beach Haven right about now. I really believe that building rocker I just felt was a possible precursor to tornado conditions. I say that because it has already subsided. It hit like very few other squalls I’ve ever felt.


Weather note: Tornadoes inside hurricanes are not quite the same set-up of those related to super cells. What happens are straight winds become tornadic, as they are essentially super-slung around extreme a low-pressure system. A tornado, as nasty as those within a thunderstorm, can quickly form.

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