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Dec. 27, 07 -- Some fairly serious bassing to speak of --

Above: I had a good day digging, finding, among other cool things, another oval-shaped metal (three inch-long) “Contributing Member” crest from the “Ship Bottom-Beach Arlington Vol. Fire Co. No. 1 1939 June 1940.” These were apparently given out to folks giving donations to the then-two-rig company. I have found about a dozen the oldest dating back to 1934. I also found my 8th license metal plate decal (attaches above plates) in orange and reading “Long Beach Island Ocean County New Jersey.” It’s a very cool art deco style. These were apparently popular in the 1920s and 30s, pre-WWII.

Thursday, December 27, 2007:

We actually have some bassing to talk about – in a better-late-than-never view. It seems that Ship Bottom had something of a blitz yesterday. I got a reliable second-hand report that keeper sized bass were caught on “jigs,” which likely means Wildeyes and such. The action was apparently fairly heated, in as much as hookups were coming in quick and close order. Obviously, there is no guarantees that such a spurt will arise again along the frontbeach but conditions are going to be fairly cooperative for anyone wanting to get out there and give it a go. On a purely theoretical basis, it would seem like the action should move southward, based purely on the general trend for any beachplay. Also, there is something of a tendency for winter stripering action to repeatedly show in the same spot if the fish involved are moving straight in and out from deeper nearshore waters. Either way, it sure seems worth it to go out and throw a Wildeye or Tsunami or Etc. jig, likely in bunker colors. Holographic looks seem to work well late-season.

Stranded seal was found in Holgate by Stu D., who works with the Stranding Center on such things.

Speaking of Holgate, it continues to take a fierce beating. Go figure. We had way larger storms in recent months and the damage was there but not severe. Now, the last couple sub-serious storms have zipped through and the entrance is getting ravaged even after the storms have passed. The township guys were out there trying to mend the entranced but it is taking more and more effort just to open a passage. I know it’s a broken record but thing looks very very grim for the Holgate and the Wildlife Preserve.

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