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Dec. 8, 2007 -- Numerous emails -- check them out

Saturday, December 08, 2007: Waves: Small.

Numerous communiqués --



The inshore hake are whiting, AKA frost fish. Farther off we get the red hake or ling.

Back in the 1960's/early 70's whiting paved the bottom off Manasquan Inlet and environs. Then zip. Several years ago I spoke to a dragger in Manasquan and asked him about the whiting. He clearly put the blame on his fellow commercial fishermen saying they destroyed the resource by shipping the fish to Spain.

I used to love whiting for smoking, frying and stew. Perhaps one day they will return but not unless someone does something. Curious that no one ever mentions this issue, anywhere.



We have great news that S2635 up for vote in Senate on Monday December 10th but no word from Assembly. I have highlighted the bill posting in red below. You need to contact your senator to remind them to vote yes on Monday. You can get their phone number and address at http://www.njleg.state.nj.us/Default.asp to send a email you must insert the last name in this address sen(insert last name)@njleg.org
I have made recently made two trips to
Trenton to talk to Senator's, Chief of Staff and the Commissioner's on the bills. JCAA sent out a letters again last week to Senate and Assembly last week. I have attached those letters

We need to do a full court press since we do not want to start all over again in 2008 to pass the pot ban. The Assembly has a voting session on the December 13 and lets send new emails, make calls and send letters to see if we can get it posted then by Speaker Roberts. If it is not posted on December 13 then I recommend we do a lobby day on the December 13 to talk to assembly leaders to get it posted at the next voting session. I am planning to be in
all day on the December 13 to push the bill. We can call up and make appointments to talk to assemblyman that day. I would do it on Monday the 10th but I cannot make it since I have another committement. If some of you want to go Monday the 10th instead let me know so we can talk about it.

Please let me know if you or some of your club members can make it on December 13th. I have included the addresses, faxes and email of key democratic members of the assembly that you need to send letters to asking them to get Speaker Roberts to post the bill. You should also send to your local assembly representatives. Call their office to get their fax number. You can get there address at
http://www.njleg.state.nj.us/Default.asp to send a email You must insert the last name in this address
asm(insert last name)@njleg.org

If you have any questions give me a call.


Ed, Capt Steve Purrel asked me to pass this on to you. Melanie could use any financial aid that the fishing club could provide. If we want to help we should contact Helen`s brother Ed for more info at 709-7856. Bill D\


2nd week in the Keys I did a lot more experimentation with lures, especially some smaller freshwater stuff.

1. Couldn't locate another small white marabou streamer for the tarpon, but did bring some 1/8 oz white marabou crappie jigs. Hooked another, slightly larger I think, but of course he bent the hook and spat it out after one jump. The little jigs did work really well, however, on those very skinny silver fish I couldn;t initially identify Turns out they are called "look downs" and are a member of the pompano family -- very good eating I'm told but we didn't try any. Like here, fishing method and location is very tide/current flow dependent.

2. In addition to the (soft) swirls of tarpon under the lights, there were some much harder splashes in the night. After trying a few other lures, on my last night I put on a white 1/4 oz weedless largemouth bass jig -- kind of like a small parachute jig but with rubber legs and a nylon weedguard, for tossing into weeds and stumps - - and threaded a fresh shrimp on the large hook. I thought it looked like a big hairy live shrimp, and the weedguard would keep me out of trouble at night on a grassy bottom. Got a near-keeper 27" snook on it, which I landed, and then another take later, but lost it.

No trophies, but lots of fun, all on light tackle, and some good learning for next time. And it seems like I didn't miss much up here in terms of the striper run. Going to the OBX of NC between Xmass and New Year and am set up with a buddy to go out on a boat there for the rockfish, which can be phenomenal some years -- mostly by casting wildeyes or jigs, although I did introduce them to snag-and-drop bunkering a few years ago.

Will give you a report.


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