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Saturday Dec. 1, 2007 -- Big blues still at play; bassing so-so and worse

Saturday, December 01, 2007: Waves: Small.

Even more huge blues, well into the teens of pounds cruising the frontbeach. A couple more were weighed in today. Of course, these fish are very rogue and hardly mean that the minute you go the beach you’ll start experiencing rod bang downs. Still, it’s fun to have the potential out there – especially when bassing is basically bogus along the beach.

As I worked the Ship Bottom parade today, I ran into a load of Island anglers who I seldom see. To a man they said is among the worst falls they have ever seen or hope to see. Again, these are islanders who aren’t talking a day her or there but a regular effort to catch bass. At the same time (and as the case will always be), I have also heard from a few casters who are doing very decently lately, though even they are talking schoolies. If I had to make a generalization, it seems the South End is far steadier of a bite with mid-Island truly sucking. There is no way the whole Island won’t be swimming in small stripers in the coming weeks. Bank on it – while banking on the fact you’ll have to buy fillets to actually take some fish home. Remember, you can purse the tail of a bass to make it maximally long. That’s testimony as to just how tough it’ll be to eek out a keeper.

When we board a boat, all bad bets are off. There are large bass still out there for the trolling. Once you’re on a school up there, you’re often in take-home material. Ironically, the better action seems to be off the North End, though a report toward Little Egg Inlet wrote of a pick-up of three bass over 30 inches in wham-bam order. “Then it just turned off,” he said. Bait was eels.

Spot remain astounding as bait, to the point that the one boat with these apparently irresistible forage fish will out catch the don’t-haves to the point of astoudingness.

Here’s a report to Fisherman’s HDQ from Reel Fantasea: The Fall fishing remains on fire with most trips seeing 25+ stripers + plenty of big burly blues per angler. Thursday's trip saw regulars Jay Simmons along with Joe Franke on an open boat for their limit of stripers to 12-lb+ 50-60 more catch and release. The guys had a bunch of big blues mixed in as well. Joe said it was the best "We caught more stripers today than most people will ever catch in a life time." At times the fish finder lost the bottom because of the amount of fish between the boat and the bottom. The guys were doubled up and even triple up when yours truly got into the action. They also had double header bass and blues when both fish hit the teaser and the jigs. Friday's Trip saw Eric Gardner owner of Gardner Cadillac joined with friends Wayne Smith and friend Mike with steady action on stripers to 18-lbs and plenty of big blues as well. At Times there were multiple bass following our hooked bass right to the boat. The numbers were not as many as the previous day but the size was a little better. The keeper bass were all above 30", with the biggest at 36". The fish finder was lit up solid all day long with bass, blues and bait. The guys were also doubled and tripled up at times with double headers of stripers and blues. I have only one date left for the season and that is December 13 if interested call 609 290 1217 ~ Capt. Steve Purul”

I have already mentioned that a great friend of this website, Mel Boytos, is gravely ill in Cooper Hospital. Here’s a more detailed report from Ed W. of the Village Harbor Fishing Club. I’m including all of it since there are points of interest on a number of levels.


I have just been informed by Bill Logan that Capt Melanie Boytos of the "Fisher Queen Charters" has been hospitalized in the intensive care unit at Cooper Hospital in Camden NJ. I really don't know how critical her condition is at this time but she has a disease called Machado Jospeph which is a disease contacted thru hereditary ( her father). We the VHFC have sent flowers to our dear friend and I will also send a get well card from our club. The address for Cooper hospital is

1 Cooper Plaza Room Room 1065

Camden, NJ 08103

Phone- 853-342-2000

I know all of us appreciated her talks to our club and her friendship so please keep her in your thought and prayers.

This message is to the board, so please forward this to any club member

I just spoke to the hospital and Melanie has been removed from the intensive care unit to intermediate care unit and was resting at the time of my call.

Your president,

Ed Wetmore

What is Machado-Joseph Disease? Machado-Joseph disease (MJD)-also called spinocerebellar ataxia type 3-is a rare hereditary ataxia. (Ataxia is a general term meaning lack of muscle control.) The disease is characterized by clumsiness and weakness in the arms and legs, spasticity, a staggering lurching gait easily mistaken for drunkenness, difficulty with speech and swallowing, involuntary eye movements, double vision, and frequent urination. Some patients have dystonia (sustained muscle contractions that cause twisting of the body and limbs, repetitive movements, abnormal postures, and/or rigidity) or symptoms similar to those of Parkinson's disease. Others have twitching of the face or tongue, or peculiar bulging eyes.

The severity of the disease is related to the age of onset, with earlier onset associated with a more severe form of the disease. Symptoms can begin any time between early adolescence and about 70 years of age. MJD is also a progressive disease, meaning that symptoms get worse with time. Life expectancy ranges from the mid-thirties for those with severe forms of MJD to a normal life expectancy for those with mild forms. For those who die early from the disease, the cause of death is often aspiration pneumonia.

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