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Friday, Nov. 30, 2007 -- Still blues -- and coldtime angling

Friday, November 30, 2007: Waves: 2-3 feet. Water clarity: Fair.

How about those big blues? It is surely a bit odd to be heading into December yet having blues to 15 pounds still taking chunk baits. These fish aren’t all over the place but they’re out there enough to make surfcasters take note – especially when a rod bends as if a mega-bass is on-board. Hey, a rush during a quiet session is fun regardless of species.

There have been some stellar reports from wrecks. Blackfish are showing their colors. Tog to 5 pounds are in the anchor-up mix. However, winds remain a wrecker. And it’s hard to overlook the two tragic fishing boat capcizings. The 25-footer that went down off A.C. had an LBI’er on board – and still missing.

This is not the time of year to push the boating limits. Also, it’s getting toward the end of a long boating season. Mechanical and structural problem often surface right about now – the word “surface’ holding a double significance, as in staying making sure to stay atop the surface.

While nobody is going to take my advice (and that of the Coast Guard) and actually wear a personal flotation device when fishing, at least make double certain that lifesaving gear is at the ready – and everyone on board knows where the devices are at. Having PFDs jammed into some cluttered cuddy, behind a bunch of other crap, can be (and has often been) a fatal mistake.



I am making the mistake of bringing a client surf fishing this December 7th, (1st timer), weather permitting for a last trip of the year kind of thing. I figure we will be driving the front beaches through Beach Haven casting for schoolies then working down to Holgate and soaking some clam. Does your crystal ball extend that far out? I am not too late am I?

Any reply or divine insights would be appreciated.




You will be in perfect position for the busiest bassing of the year, numbers-wise.

For the last 10 years the schoolie bass in December have made for the steadiest striper bite of the year. Of course, the odds of reaching the 28-inch mark is slim -- unless you combine the length of a couple hookups. I'm thinking that isn't allowed, but hey.

To get the "winter" bass, clams are the ticket but I have had decent luck with Wildeyes, sassies, Fin-S Fish, needlefish plugs and (a real winner) Rat L Traps for saltwater. Also, yellow or black Bombers swum on the surface so slowly they're barely moving.

One other thing, the December bass bite (for jigging and plugging) becomes very late-day oriented, starting real soon. In fact, some years I've gotten to the point where I only go chasing coldwater bass during the last hour of light.

A trick I learned for December bass plugging is to begin the session by using heavier Ava jigs with flashy teasers. It is possible to actually begin hitting the bass early, as they slowly move across the bar and toward the beach for sunset. You can get an extra 15 minutes of action by hitting the approaching bass out a ways. J-mann)

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