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Tueday Nov. 27 -- Wind and some stripers;

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Tuesday, November 27, 2007: Waves: 2-3 foot Medium-period southerly swell. Water temps: Hanging in low 50s but varying drastically near inlet as night-cooled water pours out during outgoing. Winds: Hard offshores may settle down before tilting to the south and picking up again. Water clarity: Fair near beach; good further out.

Boat fishermen contending with the honking westerly winds found the bass still in place, primarily Barnegat Inlet and north. Conditions made for less than fun fishing and drove most folks to the lee side of bay sedges where bass were a lot more scarce.

Surfcasting was not brisk by any means. I worked some jetties for the very short time I had on production day at the paper. I had two shamefully small stripers on a Fin-S fish and a white sassy. Quite a few short hits, surely the same size fish. Talked with some 7-11 stoppers (including Hutch) and got tales of slow goes.

I just got word that a fine captain and even better person, Melanie “Mel” Boytos of the charter Fisherqueen is gravely I’ll with an exceedingly rare disease. She is in good hands in a Philly hospital, I’m told. Prayers go out.

On a slightly more upbeat, I found out that the lady struck in front of me on Rte. 9 and Dock Road (LEHT) is still alive and has a good chance of surviving.

I hear police and medics (along with myself) didn’t feel she had much of chance after being struck straight on and flung into the air so violently – landing fully on her head.

The police had a hard time identifying the female. She had no ID on her person. She did have a small piece of paper in her pocket with a phone number. It turned out to be her mom’s phone. She is 26-year-old Nicole Williams of Little Egg Harbor. I had thought she might be younger (blond hair and blue jean-type clothing) since it was near impossible to gauge her age in the condition she was in.

The gal that hit her was 47-year-old Robin Weiss of Manahawkin. She, like myself, was returning home after a holiday diner. As I thought at the scene, she was in no way impaired, just horrified over hitting the woman. Robin also had to be hospitalized from the shock of the event.

There is a bizarre angle to this whole tragic accident. How Nicole wound up directly in front of an oncoming vehicle. Truth be told, I had wondered about that at the scene. Most commonly, there are swipe-type pedestrian strikes by passing vehicles. But by all firsthand accounts, Nicole stepped right out in front of the car, last second like.

Regardless, it is a huge relief ode me to know she is recovering, in huge part because of the response time of emergency personnel, one first-aider arriving on-scene within two-minutes of the cell call from the accident.

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