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Monday, Nov. 26, 07 -- Fog, tides and bass

Monday, November 26, 2007: Waves: 2-4 foot south swell; consistent and significant with full moon conditions pushing high tide across many beaches. Holgate beachfront is overwashing at virtually every high tide. This afternoon’s unannounced pea soup fog caught quite a few boat bassers unaware. One poor captain had a diabetic friend on board and was stuck just outside Little Egg Inlet in zero-viz fog and night moving in quickly. I was monitoring it on the radio. Coast Guard gal was helping as best she could over the radio. Sounded like there might have been help on the way since they got the boat to use compassing to go a mile, then had it navigate back into 25 feet of water where they told the cap to anchor.

Report: Surfcast stripering is decent to good. The action is from north to south with most Island jetties and slews holding a quota of small bass, with some more serious fish mixed in. Matt S. had a 25-pounder (bunker-based) on the South End. Ed. H. had a 20-pounder of the four keeper bass he had on bunker during the day (I think it was yesterday). Late-day action seems best.

While plugging is a bit slow (considering the fair consistency with bait fishing) jigging is good, especially with Wildeyes, eel-colored Fin-S and white sassies. Don’t expect many (if any) take-homes on the jigs, even though you can bust into double-figure hookups if you hit a school. Time to return to a slotfish – without giving up our daily two at 28 – maybe bounce the daily 2 up to 30 inches to let in a slot.

Charter report: Hello All,

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. As usual, I overindulged but everything was just too good to pass up.

We were out three days this past week, and with mixed results. Bay fishing seems to be a little slower than we're accustomed to at this time of year. Drifting live spots is still continuing to produce a reasonable number of stripers most days, but switching over to clams in some of our back bay spots hasn't generally been very productive this week. On the other hand, ocean fishing has been very productive when the weather conditions allow us to get out there. Huge numbers of bass and bluefish are readily responding to jigs as well as trolled umbrella rigs most days. There's just an amazing amount of bait around right now, and it looks like this fall run has quite a ways to go. Right now the shorts are outnumbering the keeper sized fish by a large margin, but hopefully the big ones will be arriving any day now to join the feeding party. Capt. Jack Shea "Rambunctious" Barnegat Bay Fishing Charters www.BarnegatBayFishing.com

Here’s Stan C’s weekly report out of Fisherman’s HDQ. Can you believe yet another rod and reel with a hooked striper was snagged? Check it out.


Another case of, "finders' keepers, and losers' weepers with a fish attached"... this time it was a beach recovery.... "I saw a little movement in the rod tip and figured it was another skate," said Ray Sullivan. It turns out it was a rod and reel combo that had a Striper attached on the other end. This is the second time this season that a rod & reel recovery with Striper attached has been reported. From what Ray said he's fixing up the reel and giving the setup to a local kid. That sounds like a good ending.

FHQ staff member Ed Bunnel caught a 16-lb Bluefish Friday night on the North End using bunker. Short Stripers from Mid-Island and South are being caught on clam, bunker and simply casting and retrieving small AVA jigs. They fish have been close but sometimes just out of reach of the average cast.


Saturday Jeff Sussman caught 8 nice keeper Stripers. Jeff fished around the ferries wheel in Seaside in 55' of water trolling umbrella rigs with white shad bodies.

Mike Kulinski stopped in to re-build his supply of crippled herring and reported great jigging on Stripers South of Barnegat Light. Mike's saw another boat close to him have a good battle while hooked into a Bluefin tuna that was jigged with a sturdy Striper outfit that turned out to be a light setup for that tuna.

Tony Maffei recently fished with his brother and a friend aboard the Reel Fantasea. They fished just off of LBI and hooked 75 plus fish. The majority was short Stripers along with the always fun on light tackle big Bluefish. They did have 5-keeper size Stripers. At the 5-minute warning for the end-of-day they had a blitz of Stripers 1/2 mile off of Harvey Cedars.

CV went out this past week in some of that rough water. He was just outside the Barnegat Inlet and had plenty of Stripers, in 35' of water north of the inlet. These fish were willing takers for the diamond jigs. CV decided he needed a bigger boat.

Last weekend Jim T. from Bridgewater NJ fished on the Miss Beach Haven for the first time. He caught a dozen or so Blackfish each day and had a few keepers.


Chris Bender from Ship Bottom has been catching and releasing black drum on clams in Barnegat Bay for the past week. All of the fish are about 10-lbs. We had another angler come in and report that he hooked up with a nice sized Red Drum around Oyster Creek.

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Comment by Robert Braack on November 27, 2007 at 9:20am
Forget the slot fish. We took too many when the size was 24-28 . If you want to change anything go to one a day over 36 for all tournaments and boat, or one a day from the suds over 30. Key phrase coined by a good friend ....."KEEP 1" .....and we will have Bass as long as we want to fish for them
Comment by Mark on November 27, 2007 at 12:24pm
My question as I read the above is: Is it legal to keep fishing (targeting) a species like striped bass when you've reached your DAILY kreel limit? I have always been told as long as you never have more than the maximum allowable in your possession, it's fine, but a ranger told me that if he sees two in the cooler and one in your hand getting unhooked, your wrong. Comments?
Comment by John Liwok on November 27, 2007 at 12:29pm
Talk about beach "overwashing" check out Surf City 2nd st.
Was there Wed. 3 weeks ago and it looked great. On Thur. the beach was being undercut leaving a 4ft drop at high waters edge. On the 15th a good chunk of the beach was gone with the 3rd st jetty starting to show..John Liwok
Comment by Robert Braack on November 27, 2007 at 6:25pm
I am not up on that one. Once the kreel limit has been reached, it is my understanding to continue fishing on a catch and release basis. If there is a regulation in print, I invite anyone to post it here for all to see.Obviously once the daily catch has been made the proper equiptment should be used. ie circle hooks aid in releasing a fish unharmed. I will often use J-hooks for my "meat fish" but switch out when the time comes for releasing fish.


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