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Wed. Nov, 21, 07 -- big surf and small bass

Wednesday, November 21, 2007: Waves: large. Water clarity: Good. Plugability: low. Water temps: Low 50s.

My fundraiser is in its last throes. Again, thanks to contributors. I look forward to adding elements to my websites in 2008. Many folks asked me to keep offering Island info as events happen down here. Will do. Also, please send questions and suggestions. I’ve used many of those in the past to come up with story ideas.

A major groundswell, pushing 4-5 feet and very consistent, churned up the entire surfcasting zone north to south. Holgate was protected but apparently slow as it can go. Folks there throughout the morning low tide had zero to show. Joe H. did a tad better elsewhere: “Jay, Fished the BB surf Tuesday 3-6 pm. Caught 2 big bluefish. One on an Atom 9" swimmer and a second on a bunker chunk. The bigger fish was around 13 lbs. Went to the BH bayside after dark and saw nothing---not even a herring. Wednesday I fished the BB surf from 5-9 am. Very slow at first then I had a flurry of activity right before I had to leave. Caught two bass and missed a third. Both were around 26". Clams were the ticket. Lower water was better as well. Joe H”

Sorry, I didn’t get back to the folks who left me cellphone messages asking for fishing updates today. I went deep woods (no cell) or was out of commission with other things. Not that I had any huge helpful tips. As noted, virtually all the insights I had into the action indicated many folks will be missing the Thanksgiving Day striper. Though there is always tomorrow a.m. In the late 90s, I had three Thanksgivings in a row where I managed to nab a dinner bass on that Thursday morning. I think I’d feel lucky if I even managed to grab a few dozen clams tomorrow a.m.

Email question: First of all, I think your blog is great! I fish the LBI surf (Surf City) a lot and it’s good to hear how everyone is doing. I was driving the beach this past Sunday and came upon a fairly fresh fish (apparently washed up) in the central Ship Bottom area. The fish looked like a grouper (not a drum) with large scales, tail fins and dorsal fins like a striper, dark maroon/red in color and teeth! The teeth looked like bright white canine teeth. From what I could tell there were about 6 teeth on top and 6 on the bottom widely spaced. I guess that it weighed about 50 pounds. Any ideas as to what this fish it? Of course, I left the camera at home! Ron

(The “50 pounds” throws me. It sure sounds like a grouper if it was that larger. The fewness of teeth is interesting. Pity that camera was elsewhere. Ironically, I’ve had maybe a dozen ID questions from folks who found or caught odd fish but said they forgot their cameras, when almost every one, upon questioning, had cellphone cameras and just didn’t make the connection at the time. Remember that cell camera. Admittedly, cellphone pics aren’t the greatest, though some cells are getting higher and higher pixel capacities, Still, there is a ton I can do in Photoshop to bring images into better focus, so to speak. J-mann)

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