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Sunday (no funday) Nov. 18 -- yucked out and the fishing club ghost

Sunday, November 18, 2007: Waves: Rapidly building 3-5 feet. Water clarity: Very good. Plugability: Poor.

When it comes to weather along the Shore, nothing is minor. I say that in reference to the forecast of a “minor” disturbance possibly forming along the coats in association with an Alberta Clipper, a fast-moving northerly storm that zips across the Great Lakes and off to Nova Scotia. Well, if you were standing out on the beach or boating the inlets in the morning weather minor-ness, you had a sense of what I’m getting at. Try 20 mph direct onshore (ENE) winds, aggravating passages of large-dropped rain squalls and a mushrooming of waves from one foot to over five feet in a matter of only hours. It was seriously raw – though folks were out there fighting the rawness, going for the bass now in the system – and also trying to get that last-minute winning bass or blue for the Classic which end today.

The few reports coming my way are not so stellar. I also have reports that there were some very quiet areas yesterday, during the bunker-based action, South End.

Oddity of the day was the photo from Stu D. It was a pic of the large octopus he caught on his bait yesterday. I at first thought it might just be a foul-hooked squid but the photo shows it is a full-blown octopus with tentacles about two feet across, when stretched atop Stu’s cooler lid.

Here’s Stan C.’s always detailed F- HDQ rundown report: Beach

Pick a spot on the beach! Small Stripers everywhere and it looks like a steady trend of increasing size! The strong West-wind made those long casts easy these past few days. From morning to evening the Striper and Bluefish action was solid from Surf City to Loveladies this week. The birds and bunker seemed to be everywhere! More than one angler saw Stripers free jumping as they chased bunker right onto the beach. Although most of the Stripers are small, catches of 40 per angler had been reported. Mixed in with those Stripers are Bluefish and a few Skates. Although most of the reports are from the Northern-end this action works it's way right through Holgate.

Well we seem to have passed the stage where, "if the water cools the Stripers will show". It seems we are now in the stage, "waiting for the big ones to arrive".

That big one was here for Mark Jordan this week. Thursday, while fishing the Loveladies area catching Striper after Striper in the rain, Mark checked his leader on his used bait rig and decided that, although slightly chaffed, he could get one more fish on it. Mark baited up with Bunker and soon after that the fight was on. Those who saw the fish in the waves remarked it was the biggest Striper they have ever seen. Veteran surf angler Mark estimated it to break the 40-lb mark very easily. I guess you figured out by now that the leader failed. Mark may be talking to himself about not tying on that new leader for some time to come. But then again, those few seconds of tying on a new leader may have let that fish pass without ever seeing the bait. (I'm trying to make Mark fell a little better)

There's more than Stripers off our beaches. It seems Thursday was an exciting day for another angler. Bill Bunyon from Mt. Laurel using clam caught a 54-lb 9-oz Black Drum in the Ship Bottom surf. Bill said, "no sooner had the clam been tossed out, the fish was on".

Inlet / Bay

Reports of Blackfish from around the rocks of the Barnegat Lighthouse are starting to be heard. Anglers trying Barnegat Inlet's North Jetty are mostly being rewarded with small Stripers. A lot more of those small Stripers are scattered along the sedge bank and striking slowly worked plugs and jigs. Not many positive reports from boats that were using chumming bait at anchor along the channels and rips.


The fleet of boats has been getting thicker and thicker off Island Beach. The bird action has been making it easy to mark the way. Some nice size Stripers have been caught but the action is mostly from short Stripers and tackle busting Jumbo Bluefish. Although the boat fleets are not as big as off Island Beach, similar action has been reported off Harvey Cedars, Brant Beach and Beach Haven. In all areas the fish are being caught on a variety of methods from dropped bait or jigs to deep slow trolling. Their here!


Stan Fisherman's Headquarters

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