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Friday, Nov. 9, 07 -- Hello bass, good-bye Congressman Saxton

Friday, November 09, 2007: Waves: 1-2 feet. Water clarity: Excellent. Plugging: Very good.

Well, it might very well be beginning. The fishing since yesterday afternoon has really lit up, as in a number of stripers in the 25-pound range coming to light – almost all on bait – and a load of small bass, many over take-home size. There are also plenty of blues in the 10-pound range. They too are on bait, bunker chunks. This weekend could very well mark the bass arrival. The bass are very light colored, meaning they are likely in from deeper water and not out of the bay.

Bass tourneys scheduled for this weekend should be off the hook if the weather doesn’t get too snotty.

With the upbeat fishing news, I have to pass on some very disturbing news. Congressman Jim Saxton is resigning, due to health problems, mainly a back problem. His treatment for prostate cancer is going very well. The ramifications of his leaving are huge, I’m talking troubling as all get out for anglers. Jim has fought and narrowly won many battles helping fishing – and even more so Long Beach Island. During his lengthy tenure, Jim has worked his way into the top ranks of congresspersons in D.C. He will be replaced by a rookie who will absolutely no clout. I assure you, anglers and LBI’ers will suffer. Mark my word.

Back to angling, it is likely the drop in water temps that is spurring the bite. This small batch of inclemency coming in tomorrow is a northerly system and should be a bit of a chill but might really perk the bite.

I know I’m waxing optimistic but it has been so crappy for so long that this insertion of stripers and blues is worth a whistle. Also, as I drove the beach I saw fish coming in left and right, mainly blues but some eating-sized bass. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen folks poised to grab their rods, some casters even holder their

Congrats to both Mark J. and Kurt H. for their near-same 25-poundish bass. Look like I have to get out there and toss some bait – instead of my plugs, which haven’t garnered a serious look in a week.

ICW mid-island is off-and-on but may get very interesting in coming days, especially if some of the arriving fish go right to the bay.

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