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Tuesday October 30, 07 -- Slow then a late-day blues blast

Tuesday, October 30, 2007: waves: Small. Water clarity: Very good but approaching too clear. Plugging potential: Fair to good; winds are good, especially in the a.m. but that clear water plays the spoiler for swimming and diving plugs; surface splash still has the best chance of fooling the target.

Wait and hurry up. That was the odd play-out on the south end of the Island, where the entire day barely showed a single bite, then toward dark (and low tide), pods of bunkies began bumping along the beach, brutally harassed by loads of small blues and (apparently) some larger bass and blues, though the larger fish were a tough take.

Backing up to the bad times, i.e. much of the day, many folks fished hard, north to south, and had so little to show that I barely took in a single “I caught.” A few Loveladies casters hadn’t even lost bait.

Utter hooking deadness following a thick passage of bait (like yesterday) is fairly common. It really seems the bait calls out to all the resident fish, drawing them off to who knows where. It takes a while – sometimes quite a while – for more new resident fish to find their way back to the abandoned waters. Fortunately, we’re in line for a huge in-push of bass. Any day now – he says while wrapping Christmas presents in mid-December.

Anyway, today I plugged from town to the Rip and couldn’t draw even a pseudo-swirl – one of those swirls you think you see but it was just as likely the plug making an inordinately large splash. I did get a hit per cast as the above-mentioned bluefish buzzed by. Typically, I had to head back to work just as the fun started. Deadline day is always tough on writers.

Oh, I should note that I did see some fluke being caught during the dead quiet time. They’re totally inclined to hold their ground and let the food come to them, big fans of home delivery.

The “game warden” was driving the front beach today, checking on who had what and what size. No one complains when they stop by, though the enforcement folks often get an earful beginning with, “Hey, why don’t you guys go out and catch …” followed by whatever suspicions the anglers have, like the guy that was next to them the day before and walked off the beach with an undersized bass or, maybe, a forbidden fluke or … you know the spiel.

Odd event of my day: I was plugging and got a sense that things were slowing down. My plug was straining for some reason. Hauling it in, I saw I had more than just my line and plug. I had snagged a lost soldier, a fair condition popper, an unknown brand. I was going to tie it on then I thought, “Hell, that thing’s been floating around out there and nothing has touched it for who knows how long. I think I’ll stick with my artificial. It’s caught a few fish in the past.

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