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Wednesday Oct. 17, 2007 -- More blues and more no-bass

Wednesday, October 17, 2007: Waves: Choppy 2-3 foot south wind swells. Water clarity: Very good with some weed (eel grass and lettuce, near the inlets mainly) and lingering jellyfish residue.

With my column writing for The SandPaper and keeping up with input for my websites I’ve been fairly inundated by fishing. It gets a tad hectic. So I gave myself some in-field action today and got into a laidback blitz in Brant Beach. I got there after word of the mid-Island bite spread to Holgate, where the best thing happening was occasional large kingfish going for Fish Bites fake-bait. I made a few long casts with a large popper that I all but planed across the surface and hooked up royally. It was a major bluefish that I fought properly, allowing three full-air jumps that showed a fish deep into the teens-of-pounds. I had a decent collection of onlookers delighting at the jumps. After maybe five minutes, I got it right into the shorebreak. Then I made the huge mistake of saying to myself, “I’m keeping this fish and weighing it in, dangnabit.” (I’m always so resistant to weighing in a fish, thus my missed opportunity to test the lead fish with a slammer I got last weekend.) As if synchronized, the instant I even thought of keeping the fish that plug literally flew out of the fish’s mouth. Adding injury to insult, the plugs flew through the air at me, hit my leg and got a good dig into my skin.

There were a lot of nice blues taken today but it was very much a bait-based bite. In fact, I seemed to have the only luck with plugs. I had four of five other major takes but couldn’t soundly hook up. The largest I heard of was a 17-pounder, in the tourney.

While I’ve fallen silent on the subject (with the real nice showing of blues), the silence of the stripers is getting borderline weird. The bass just aren’t here – or there. We’re talking only 9 bass in the Classic so far. Less than one a day with something like 850 entrants. And a load of folks are fishing thanks to the fine weather – and the inviting blues, with over 180 in the Classic, and growing. I see that NY is fully into major bass. Those fish are finding a load of baitfish up there, all part of the amazingly late run of just about everything migratory. Our turn will come – and a 50-pounder will take the tourney. Stay ready. My weird bass effort this year is going to be livelining a needlefish. Anyone ever try it?

Bluefish note: There were easily 2,000 blues caught by contestants during the recent blitzes. Fewer than 200 were kept. The release rate is fully 90 percent, per usual. Regulations allow 15 blues a day to be kept. Most folks are keeping one or two slammers, tops. I don’t want to hear about the fish being kept. I repeat: No other gamefish is caught and released more than bluefish. End of subject.

For buggyists, I have to repeat that the beaches are so loose that you better be airing down to near maximum practical deflation levels. While I pride myself (and my 8-cylinder large-engined GMC) on traveling the beaches at barely lowered 28 psi, I found myself loosing air to 25 psi and finally 22 psi – as low as I usually ever go. Particularly, sinky are the new berms forming toward the water. It is a plateau that looks flat and drivable but it is very loose. Also, there are still some cutaways, especially down toward Holgate. Be very alert at night when going from the upper beach toward the water. Even a three foot drop can put a driver through the window.

I saw weakfish being caught near both inlets. Pop C. had some late today in Holgate and I saw some being caught at Myers Hole as I dug bloodworms.

I have been pleasantly flooded with helpful emails. Sorry, that I haven’t been able to post all of them. I just got doubly busy lately. EVERY (!) email is appreciated. Most when I get them -- a few when I delete them.

The first week of the fund drive is a tad quiet but the number of hits on by websites is through the ceiling. Thanks for your patronage – and a heartfelt thanks to those who can afford to contribute.

From Tom Fote: I received a call the Senate office stating that the commercial fisherman will be showing up in force. We need a good turn out at the hearing this Thursday. The Pot Off Reef Bill is posted in the Senate Environmental Committee for a vote this Thursday, October 18th at 9AM in Trenton. It took a lot of work by JCAA and others to get this bill posted and now we need your help to get it moved out of committee. We need to thank Senator Bob Smith for posting the bill in the committee and Senate President Richard Cody for allowing the committee to meet. The information about the hearing and contact information is below. If you have any questions give me a call or go to the JCAA Web Page and read these articles. http://www.jcaa.org/JCNL0704/0704FMLR.htm#ReefZone ^****^^^^^^^^^^^

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Comment by Ted Werner on October 18, 2007 at 8:17am
Wierdest catch of the day candidate. While fishing Holgate jetties Weds. evening with a large Windcheater I thought I snagged bottom. Lure stopped dead, but I was at least 20 ft from jetty. After yigorous yanking the snag came loose and turned out to be a HUGE stargazer ( at least 5 lbs.) As I got him on beach he instantlyburied himself in the wash with only lureand lips showing. What camo!!! Literally had to pull him out again to let him go. TW


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