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Sunday, October 14, 2007:

Special report: It ran from Ship Bottom to BH Terrace.

It was a blitz from beyond – beyond previous standards and measurement.

The fish were huge, gators to 20 pounds (hell, I had one pushing the upper teens). The sight of these monsters in the waves was utterly awesome, similar to dolphin waveriding but in this case nature was a case of nature with deadly intent. The bluefish barbarian hordes annihilated every swimming creature – and every type of plug – that got in front of them. The savagery of the slammers could be felt right through anglers’ lines as they fought the fish – failing to get their hookup in at a 75 percent average.

But what made this blitz one from beyond was the human volume versus the baddest ass bluefish.

I have been on this fair barrier spit for going on five decades and I have written about blitzes for the last 20 years, often having to one-up that which I had previously written, as newer and more amazing blitzilogical episodes unfold. But today bumped the bar up to some high-water mark, as anglers numbering 1,000-plus got their own piece of the action.

The popper-tossing population (poppers easily ruled the artificial roost) was a mind-boggling convergence of a traffic jams’ worth of arriving mobile anglers and an already in-place weekend crowd scene that even prior to the action left no piece of beach un-fished. The odds of finding a jetty to yourself was so far out of the question that those with jetty seats were all brandishing the their sidearms (exaggeration). Then the blitz began and surfcasting in the modern age became insanely apparent.

It has taken a couple/few years but mobile fishermen have fully perfected the art of cellphone blitz-alert methodologies. With awe-inspiring speed and efficiency, word spread, far-and-wide, when the very first big blues came ashore in Ship Bottom. From this point forth, surf fishing, especially in fall, has changed and will never be the same.

Back in the day, i.e. 15 years ago, it was the exclusive realm of a few radio connected surfcasters to communicate to each other where there was hot goings on. Those of us out of the radio loop simply kept an eye on those who were plugged in and when we saw them rip their gear up and speed off, we were on them like black flies on a black truck. Now, there is a preset “call me:” network with redundancies thrown in. Most mobile anglers have cohorts who will phone them at the first sign of flair-ups of bass, blues or whatever. All involved know that they must make the calls or risk being removed from The List.

Back to today’s blitz, the mobile angle was also like nothing I’ve ever seen. I was in buggy trains of 20 vehicles or more, all moving briskly to the next likely blitz point, just up ahead. These convoys were above and beyond the hundred or more parked buggies. I felt bad for some beachwalkers who could simply not get from the beach to the walkway.

I won’t know the tourney tally from this action but I already feel badly for Michele at the Chamber. There will likely be a hundreds or more weigh-ins. Good thing we now limit bluefish weigh-ins to two a day.

Oh, there is also a circling report that a 42-pound tourney striper was taken on the North End.

More stuff later.

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